Outline the process for developing nursing standards of practice and identify the different entities that might be involved in developing a standard of practice. Members of this team are nurses themselves and work in their various fields. So when something comes up that needs addressed, they meet as a committee and discuss the issue. Then they decide what would be the best action to take for solving the problem. By doing this they are able to come up with the standards we now have. They realize that there must be a code of ethics and code of conduct set forth and Hess are the rules that we as nurses must follow.

No one is allowed to change any part of it. So far there is a wide variety of standards that have been put into place. It is good for to know these rules and they will guide us in daily nursing duties. By implementing the higher standard of care, we are all able to work more proficiently and professionally. In order to develop a new standard, there usually has to be a problem that has come to the attention of one or more of the committee members, or from someone else that has brought forth a concern or complaint.

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The members then meet in order to come up with a solution to help with the problem. Such an example would be when too many nurses were getting stuck with needles and contracting diseases from them. From that basis came the implementation of the safety standards we now have to help prevent needle sticks, Including not recapping needles, and using the safety features provided with each devise. American Nurse Association, Inc. (2013). Professional Standards 0. Retrieved from http:/Maw. Unworldly. Org/Maliciousness's/ ThePractlceofProfesslonalNurslng/Northeastwards.

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