A number of uncle AR engineers are employed in the food production industry, developing CEQ intent and processes that irradiate count mutants in foods, leaving the foods themselves clean and safe to consume. Others work in the health care industry y, designing and building new, more advanced medical diagnostic equipment, such as gray machines, or studying other medical uses for radiation, such as cancer treatments.

Working Environment:Nuclear engineers work for power companies, large ma manufacturing and engineering firms, government agencies, and rear and rear colleges. Most of their days are spent in their office or laboratory, interacting with a team of other engineers, scientists, technologists, and admit instigative personnel. Engineers who ark closely with reactor fuels or other radioactive materials must take audit Anal safety precautions.

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This means wearing more protective clothes and respirators, as well as devices that record d the amount of time the engineer is exposed to radiation. Most nuclear engineers work a regular day, our wow reek. Some overtime may be necessary at busier times of the year, or during emergencies.