1. To stay informed, we watched the TV news continuously.

2. To keep things simple, take one day at a time.

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3. To stay focused, I put earplugs in on the drive home.

4. To help the flowers grow; I put fertilizer on them.

5. To understand my assignment, I reread my chapters twice.

6. To prepare for Christmas, Jeff has been buying gifts all year.

7. To keep our patronage alive and showing, we all hung flags from our houses.

8. To go to sleep, I had to stop watching the television reports and close my eyes.

9. To remember what freedom means, I read our national anthem.

10. To help relieve our pain, we have been talking to friends and family and praying all the time.

11. To take our minds off the weeks events, I went out for dinner and drinks with family.

12. To remember our loss from Sept. 11th, we all will keep our flags at half-staff until Saturday, September 22end.