When did Jordan decide he wanted to climb each of the Seven Summits?
the first day of fourth grade
How did Jordan become fascinated with the Seven Summits?
there was a mural on the wall of his elementary school
What motto hung on the front of Jordan's house?
Go Fast, Take Chances
What is Dad's nickname for Jordan at the beginning of fourth grade?
Little J
Which summit does Jordan attempt first?
What are crampons?
metal spikes that strap onto shoes to make it possible to climb on snow and ice
What was waiting for Jordan at the summit at San Gorgonio?
a note from Santa
What does Karen sell to help fund their trip to Africa?
t-shirts with the summits and check-boxes on them
How is Kilimanjaro different from the other summits?
it's not part of a mountain range
What route does Jordan choose to summit Kilimanjaro?
the Umbwe Route
How many vegetation zones are on Kilimanjaro?
What did the porters on Kilimanjaro call Jordan?
Little Lion
Why does Jordan choose to do Kosiuszko in Australia as his second climb?
it's the smallest summit but it's a long way to travel to get to it
Where do they have to shelter on Kosciuszko because of a storm?
Seaman's Hut
Why did Jordan want to visit the Australia Zoo?
he was a huge fan of Steve Irwin who dedicated himself to making it one of the best conservation facilities in the world
Which summit does Jordan climb the day before his eleventh birthday?
Why is the base camp at Elburs called Barrels?
it's made of old fuel barrels
What does Jordan's dad change his nickname to on Elbrus?
What does Jordan use to help him acclimate to Aconcaguas' altitude in the months before he makes the climb?
hypoxic tents
Why did Jordan have to have a permit to climb Aconcaguas?
they only allowed people 14 or older to climb
What survey is used to determine altitude sickness?
Lake Louise survey
What gear did Jordan have to used to climb Denali that he had not had to use with his previous summits?
ropes, carabiners, harnesses, and ascenders
What does Jordan almost lose on the Denali ascent?
his ice axe
Why do most accidents occur on the way down from a summit?
the climbers are exhausted and make mistakes
Why does Jordan sign up for cross country team in seventh grade?
he wants to be a better runner
What does Jordan have to learn to do before attempting Carstenza?
Who does Jordan dedicate his Carstenza climb to?
Kushaun Bhandari, a little boy killed in a hit and run accident
How do they have to get to the Carstenza base camp?
How long does it take Jordan to summit Carstenza?
one day
When is the only month it's safe to attempt to summit Everest?
What side of Everest do they choose to try to summit?
the North
What does Nigel Holland, a boy fighting brain cancer, ask Jordan to take to Everest for him as a gift to the mountain?
kangaroo testicles
What ceremony has to be performed before trespassing on Everest?
a puja ceremony asking permission to climb and forgiveness for harming the mountain with the climbing gear (ice axes and crampons)
What animals are used to carry supplies up Everest?
How is Jordan's father injured during the Everest climb?
they are caught in an avalanche and Jordan's crampons slashed his head and leg
Why are bodies of dead climbers often left on Everest?
the altitude makes it too difficult to recover them
What date does Jordan summit Everest?
May 22
Why did Jordan leave Vinson for last?
it would be the most expensive
Why does all refuse have to be carried out of Antarctica?
anything left behind would freeze and remain there forever because of the temperature
What is the biggest challenge to climbing Vinson?
the weather
What does Jordan decide to use his experiences to do?
inspire kids to live a healthy lifestyle and pursue their dreams
What did Jordan call his 50-state tour sharing his inspirational message?
Find Your Everest