English GEESE exam, where the question was to 'describe a nightmare world'. Instead of going for the click©, hell-like landscape, I decided to base my so-called 'nightmare world' off of a real nightmare, in the world we live in - a young boys perspective during a bombing in WI. Note: I got an A for that exam paper! Every day they come, in their great terrifying birds of steel, overhead and through the clouds that I once thought held heaven. It's so dark and cold when they come. Lights out.

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Not even the sun to guide me, only a deathly pale moon, with its hundreds and thousands of pinpricks of light that make me so scared if I can't see them, because that meaner something's blocking them and that they're here, again, to rain fire and destruction. Wahoo A great, screeching noise, more terrifying than even a gunshot or a predator's roar. Because only the lucky, fast ones escape. Urged forward by my mother, I put on a mask that stinks of burnt rubber and stale air as I run outside and try to Join the throng of people to the safety of a shelter.

They're getting closer, I can Just about see their bulky silhouettes against the starlight. Fast and hard they fly, ready to deliver. I'm almost at the shelter now. If I can make it, like I've had to do so many other times before, I might not die. They're coming faster now, almost overhead. I pray that my home will still be standing. Faster and faster. Closer and closer. A deep, rumbling, grating noise as they whoosh through the skies in graceful, deadly arcs. One dips down and lets its package drop with a high-pitched whining noise. Boom.

There goes the east district - I played there a few weeфKS back. Thankfully, it's not close to here. Boom. Boom. Boom. Bombs dropping everywhere in great clouds of fire, licking the streets with a white hot heat. Others are flying closer - reinforcements! They meet the enemy in a clash of steel and gunfire, deafening in the noise it makes as they clatter overhead. Suddenly - or was it? I'm not sure how much time has passed - it's over, for now, the German's are flying away, to come back another night. Week by week, it's a nightmare to live through.