New Interim Executive Director at Bitcoin Alliance of Canada

The Bitcoin Alliance of Canada shared news that Anthony Di lorio resigned from his position as Executive Director and board member. The board has chosen Kyle Kemper as the interim executive director.

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The Bitcoin Alliance of Canada has recently informed that the Executive Director’s resignation.

Anthony Di Iorio has played the role of an Executive Director at the Bitcoin Alliance of Canada since 2012, when the company was formed.

In the time he spent at the Alliance, he helped to spread awareness of bitcoin all over Canada. According to sources, Di Iorio has stepped down from his post as Executive Director. He also resigned from being a member of the Board.

Di lorio was responsible for organizing the first ever bitcoin conference in Canada when he was still the Executive Director of the Alliance.

He also represented the firm at different international conferences for the last 2 years. In fact, he was a main driving force behind many of the initiatives taken by Bitcoin Alliance of Canada.

His contributions as founder of the Alliance and the Toronto Bitcoin meetup have greatly boosted the progress of the Bitcoin community in Canada.

The board of The Bitcoin Alliance of Canada has selected Kyle Kemper as the interim Executive Director.

Kemper has served as an existing board member for the Alliance since April of 2014. For this reason, he is familiar with the work of Bitcoin Alliance of Canada.

He is eager to increase the Alliance’s activity level and involvement of members. His background is in business, technology, finance, and politics. He is very popular in the crypto currency space for his roles at both CAVIRTEX and Bitcoin Strategy Group.

Kyle Kemper, the Interim Executive Director, discussed about his appointment and said, “I am honored to accept this appointment. Anthony Di Iorio was a great leader and will be missed; the Alliance thanks him for his tireless efforts.

Moving forward, I hope to continue growing our membership while promoting bitcoin across Canada. The bitcoin ecosystem evolves dynamically, and I think it’s important that we, as an Alliance, focus our efforts to maximize this opportunity.”

Anthony Di Iorio, who resigned from his post as Executive Director, mentioned in an interview that he will continue to help and support the Bitcoin Alliance of Canada. He spent around 2 year with the Alliance and will remain in an advisory position.

The Bitcoin Alliance of Canada is very dedicated to raise awareness of the crypto currency among Canadian users, merchants and the policymakers.

The main goal is to promote bitcoin adoption in the country using various ways. It also assists studies and research related to bitcoin and other digital currencies.

It is indeed a great company to be a part of and Di Lorio played a big role to help it succeed. One of the main reasons behind his resignation was that the ex-executive director wants to focuses more on his business ventures now. Currently, he operates Decentral, which is a crypto news broadcast.