leaving 12.8 million people without jobs.
4,004 banks were suspended in 1933 due
to financial difficulties. The value if
U.S. exports was down $2.5 billion from
1928. And to top it all off, the whole
Great Plains was shut down due to dust
this developing situation, but his work
just put a dent in the already booming
depression. The whole world, in fact,
was in the same fix we were in. Due to
the war and the U.S. raising the tariffs,
other countries had few other countries
to trade with. These countries couldnt
condition, due to the war reparations and
costs of casualties from both man and
only a little better off than the rest of the
nation, and even that didnt last long
because hundreds of thousands of people
who lived on the Great Plains migrated to
the West Coast in hope for a new home,
and a job to support their families.

temporary camps for these people to live
in. However, some people were forced to
live in cities made of garbage and other
scrap materials called Hoovervilles,
where some whole families were forced
to live in piano boxes and garbage cans.
They often died from diseases because
they had eaten rotten and decomposing
garbage out of dumps. People could be
seen chasing garbage trucks down the
road and overtaking them to mug the
garbage men of their trash. At times, men
might even go as far as to kill another for
represented 25% of the labor force of the
as a nickel for a hard hours work. More
than 200,000 children, and even babies
were wandering lost because their parents
had died, only to later face starvation
heaven... said many people describing
Roosevelts step into office. He passed
15 major bills to flush money back into
provided for the people by creating the
Tennessee Valley Authority, (TVA). This
brought hydroelectric power to the rural
southerners. Then again, he implemented
Administration, (AAA), which gave aid
to farmers by giving them money for each
acre of their land that they didnt use.

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This also overproduction of basic crops,
to bring them back up to an average price
100 days of his term, he created his
biggest achievement, the NRA, National
Recovery Administration, which was a
was well known to most companies. The
NIRA also created a $3.3 billion agency
called the Public Works Administration,
Social Security Act, which was intended
to give pensions to workers that worked
a certain amount of years, which still
exists today. Social Security also insured
26 million Americans against income loss
blindness. In that period of time, workers
were lucky to average $1,200 a year, and
didnt even think of retirement, for that
was a luxury for people who had money.

The pensions the workers received gave
them the privilege of retirement. The first
opportunity was a woman by the name of
Ida Fuller, who paid about $24 of payroll
taxes before retiring, and later receiving
$20,000 before she turned 90 years old.

kept piling up.The United Auto Workers
declared a sit-down strike in General
Michigan. Detemined to drive the strikers
out, police broke out windows, and fired
teargas grenades and buck shot into the
plant. The police, in return, got a hail of
bricks doorhinges, and broken bottle
wildfire, and soon, plants in 14 other
states joined in, brining production to a
strike by allowing the Wagner Act of
1935 to fortify, allowing the American
employees to bargin collectively and join
unions. However, later more strikers
organized with their families, and the
cops formed a line in front of the strikers
and opened fire with everything they got
Roosevelts New Deal Provided jobs and
money enough to stop the down fall and
increase production, employment, and the