Enumerating is to use neuroscience techniques to analyze the reactions of the brain to certain messages or stimuli, and use this Information to sell products. It has been shown that this methodology Is very efficient, so It has many detractors who fear their manipulation power. Against the power of manipulation, we should be able to strengthen our autonomy and our critical thinking; we must protect ourselves to these techniques. The reality Is that to 80% of purchase decisions are made In an Irrational manner and according to sensory stimuli, so everybody is influenced by marketing.

Thanks to investments from companies like Procter & Gamble, Milliner or McDonald's, it has conducted similar experiences not only by MR., also with electroencephalograms, measurements of heart rate, respiratory rate or even the skin conductance (galvanic response). Enumerating is so powerful that induces us to pay up to more than you normally would pay for that product. Martin Lindquist is such a guru of marketing, he wrote ;Buy. Logy-, where he explains why we buy the things that we buy. Critics of enumerating denounce this practice for being 'unethical', and request the government to promote respect restrictive regulation.

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But nothing has changed ethically. Similarly, the intention of enumerating is the same as that of traditional marketing: to persuade us to buy products that we do not always need. Here are some examples of the use of enumerating: -Pretest TV ads (Case SONY Brave) - It Is perhaps the most common application of enumerating. Lets you know If the ad Like or dislike, select the flat aesthetic, test creative resources. -Predicting the virally of the ads (Case Super Bowl) - It has been used to predict that the Super Bowl ads would more than talk on the network. Measurement of Brand Associations - How fit Is a character for a brand?

How strong the associations that the public has of that brand? In conclusion, what are the advantages and disadvantages of Enumerating? - A real knowledge of consumer perceptions - Easy to know the consumer as it's impossible to know in other marketing techniques. -Products and services that satisfy completely the person who consume. Disadvantages of enumerating: - Each consumer has different stimuli and even creating a standard pattern it's difficult to know such a heterogeneous group - It's also difficult to find consumers that agree to be part of a enumerating scientific study.