Netagio, the first British Bitcoin, gold & Sterling exchange, today announced the launch of its Application Programming Interface (API).

Institutional investors can now programme their Execution Management Systems (EMS) and Order Management Systems (OMS) and fully automate their trading on the exchange.

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The API will provide brokers/dealers with easier and faster electronic market connectivity, allowing both sophisticated and professional retail customers and institutional investors to trade 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Netagio API enables investors to trade Bitcoins for GBP or gold, view open orders, cancel orders and view Netagio’s order book on a continuous and fully automated basis.

It facilitates real time depth of book price quotations and market data, automated trade executions and order and trade confirmations.

Furthermore, the API will allow investors to trade more actively, have larger order size capability, opening up trading opportunities that haven’t existed until now.

Simon Hamblin, CEO of Netagio, said: “Since launching the exchange in July this year, we have had active discussions with many institutional and professional investors.

In this world of highly automated trading and in line with trends across other electronically tradable asset classes, it became immediately clear that by offering ease of integration via an API, this group of investors would be able to create their own trading strategies and benefit from fully programmable automated access to the Netagio exchange, using standards they recognize and that are compatible with their front end systems.”

He continued, “By introducing our API and now offering the chance to create and fulfil automated trading opportunities, both experienced traders and institutional investors will be able to trade faster and take advantage of best price opportunities available in Bitcoin.

Netagio believes that its maker-take pricing model and now the availability of its API further cement its proposition as the leading venue on which to trade Bitcoin and will further attract liquidity, which offers greater trading opportunities for all our customers.”

Netagio is the first and only British exchange on which retail customers and institutional investors can trade gold, Bitcoins and GBP on a single peer-to-peer exchange platform.

Building on early successes of offering customers a place to simply buy and sell Bitcoins and/or gold in exchange for EUR/USD/GBP, today customers from 114 countries around the world can trade each asset class against each other on the exchange.

Through a partnership with WalPay, customers benefit from banking facilities that are underpinned by European banking relationships via partners authorised and regulated in accordance with the European Payment Services Directive (2007/64/EC).

In addition, users will soon be able to credit their Netagio trading accounts with both Visa and MasterCard credit and debit cards through WalPays’ PCI compliant gateway.

Built in Britain with domestic and international customers in mind, Netagio is designed for retail customers and institutional investors with an appetite for opportunity; to attract liquidity introducing a maker-taker fee model designed to reward liquidity providers, to the highest regulatory & compliance standards and for continued growth.

Netagio is underpinned with the highest levels of security for digital and gold storage. In January 2014, Netagio introduced the first free gold-standard offline security vault for digital storage and all gold assets are stored in a highly-secure vault in Switzerland.

Netagio was founded in 2013 by a management team with a strong pedigree and track record of experience gained in the finance, security, commodity trading and precious metals sector.

Netagio is a founding member of the UK Digital Currency Association.