Also, It was generally advised (around 10 to 15 years ago) that one should keep people and the problem" separate while negotiating but I am of the strong pollen that that one cannot do so and emotion play an important role for any negotiation. I would like to rephrase the topic of the article to "Emotional Intelligence in Negotiations". In the article, the authors have tried to show a strong connect between emotion and negotiations. They emphasize that negotiation is not a matter of cool and calm calculation but It Involve things which people actually care about- power, identity and respect- these are all bound to stir up the emotion.

The authors state that with breakthroughs in neuroscience and psychology it has been proved that emotions play an important role in creativity, decision making and relationship building, Which in turn are required for negotiation. Creativity could be important during negotiation when the two parties have reached a deadlock. Being an effective manager requires one to understand one's own and other party's emotions, understand how these emotions affect their thinking and use that knowledge to achieve favorable outcomes.

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The focus of the article Is on managing stress and also o state what factors lead to stress before negotiations. The authors pointed out three reasons for stress build up Lack of control unpredictability and Absence of feedback Lack of control comes Into picture as the two parties would be bargaining for exactly the opposite things/favor and hence prove to be an obstacle. It Is not an unilateral decision. Unpredictability Is tremendous, one cannot be sure whether the counter party would be cooperative or competitive or aggressive.

So, how should one go about with his words or actions leaves people wondering at times. Absence of dieback- At the end of the day the, the negotiator always ponders on whether he/ she could have got a better deal and many self-doubts about one's competence might prop up as there Is no one to objectively Justify the deal. The author lists out the salient points for "warming up for negotiation". These are:- 1 . How do you want to feel going into the negotiation? 2. Why do you want to feel like that? 3. What can you do beforehand to put yourself in an ideal emotional state? . What can throw you off balance during a negotiation? 5. What can you do In the midst of a negotiation to regain your balance? . How do In theory, the author is correct when he recommends a particular kind of music to keep your nerves calm and similar suggestions like taking a break when situations are tensed during a negotiation and keep a tap on your emotions but In practice, things don't workout as smoothly that is when "Emotional Intelligence" comes into play which is how efficiently you deal with your emotions in such stressful situations.

There is no particular solution to any particular situation in which a negotiator finds himself. Hence it will be his instincts, creativity, calmness and experience (a mixture f such qualities) which would be required to understand and monitor emotions and then react but again being spontaneous is the thing which might be the deal maker or deal breaker.

The article hold tremendous relevance for the next generation managers as it represents a good picturesque about how emotions work before and during a negotiation. Some recommendations rather findings by the author like listening to music, taking a break, cracking a Joke at the right time etc. Could be very helpful for the young and ambitious managers when they become a part of a high-profile negotiation deal.