Who is the author of Navigating Early?
Clare Vanderpool
What is the copyright date of Navigating Early?
The book takes place right after what major historical event?
Where is the Morton Hill Academy for Boys?
Cape Fealty, Maine
Who is the narrator of Navigating Early?
Jack Baker
Where is Jack from originally?
Why did Jack's dad come back to Kansas?
For Jack's mother's funeral.
Where was Jack's dad stationed?
Portsmouth Naval Shipyard
What words were etched into the arched stone entryway to Morton Hill Academy?
The Marine Corps' motto: Semper Fidelis (always faithful)
Who is the Headmaster?
Mr. Conrady
When was the school founded?
1870 p
Jack was a member of what society?
The National Geographic Society (since age 7)
What was the name of the librarian at the academy?
Miss B
Miss B's nickname is_____?
What caught Jack's attention in the trophy case?
All the awards and pictures of FISH-67
What was the history teacher's name?
Professor Donaldson
What was the Latin teacher's name?
Mr. Hildebrandt
Who was absent for most of this classes on Jack's first day at class?
Early Auden
Who is the math teacher?
Professor Eric Blaine
What number was Professor Blaine telling a story about?
Pi- 3.14
How did the other students describe Early?
He was weird
What was stalking the Appalachian Trail?
A black bear
How did Early's father die?
He had a heart attack
What other name did Early have for Pi?
Pi's mother felt that he would be the first navigator-but first he had to earn his_____?
When Jack's dad left for war, what did he give to him and what did he say to Jack?
His navigator ring- "Take good care of your mother"
What was the first boat that Jack rowed in named?
The Sweetie Pie
What happened to Jack the first time he tried to get out of Sweetie Pie?
He was upended in Wabenaki Bay
Who is going to be presenting about the number pi at the Fall Mathematical Institute in Boston?
Professor Stanton
If it's raining, who does Early listen to on the record player?
Billie Holliday
What did Early do to Sweetie Pie?
He rebuilt it into a better boat
Pi also rebuilt a _________ ?
Better boat
Early and Jack plan to row Sweetie Pie in what race?
The Morton Hill Regatta
Who is Jack's coxswain?
Who is planning on going on a trip for fall break?
What does Professor Stanton thinks happens to the number pi?
The numbers end
Early thinks that if the numbers come to an end, what will happen to the character Pi?
He will die
What were some of the dangers Pi faced?
Sharks, bugs, falling overboard
Was Jack's dad able to come to the regatta and spend fall break with him?
No-due to inclement weather
why didn't Jack take Early with him as coxswain for the regatta?
Preston Townsend called Early Jack's babysitter
What happened to the Sweetie Pie during the regatta?
It got caught up on rocks and damaged
Who was calling out commands from the dock to help Jack?
What did Early tell Jack about friends?
Friends don't leave friends behind
What nickname does Jack give Early?
Captain America
What boat does Early plan to take on his trip?
The Maine
Whose boat is the Maine?
The Fish- Fisher-Early's brother
Whose dog tags from the war did Early have?
His brother's tags
Does Early believe his brother was killed in the war?
How did Jack's mom die?
She complained of a headache and died later in her sleep
Who is Bucky and what does he like to eat?
Early's frog/jelly beans
What kind of rattlesnake is Early prepared for?
Timber rattlesnakes
Early believes his brother Fisher is lost, not dead, just like which character in his story?
Who was Early mourning in chapter 15?
Who did Early and Jack meet on the Kennebec River on a barge?
Who took the Maine from Early and Jack?
MacScott and the 'pirates'
About how long is the Appalachian Trail?
2,278 miles long
Why did Jack think someone was spying on him and Early's campsite?
Jack found a pile of walnut shells
Who rescued Jack from drowning in the river?
What was Jack surprised to discover in Gunnar's cabin?
His bookshelf shrine and a letter to Emmaline
What did Gunnar teach Jack to do?
Fly fish
Who taught Gunnar to read and who did he fall in love with?
What was waiting at the cabin for Jack and Early when they returned from fly fishing with Gunnar?
MacScott, Olson, Long John Silver and the dogs.
How did Gunnar fool the dogs and hide the boys' scents?
With menthol-he applied shaving cream to the dogs' noses
What did Gunnar hide in Jack's backpack?
A book of poetry and the letter for Emmaline
What made Pi lose his way?
He was diverted and distracted by a maze
Who was Eustasia Johannsen waiting for?
Her son, Martin
Who did she Mrs. Johannsen think Jack was?
How old would Martin be if he was still alive?
How old is Mrs. Johannsen?
Who are Jack and Early digging a grave for?
Mrs. Johannsen
What did Mrs. Johannsen do when she realized Jack wasn't Martin?
She went back to waiting and watching for Martin
Who did Early and Jack discover in the cave?
Martin Johannsen
Who had Martin's gun?
Pirate MacScott
What had happened to Martin?
He was shot and killed by accident by MacScott
How was MacScott killed?
By the Great Appalachian Bear
Who helped Early when he had a seizure in the woods?
His brother, Fisher
What was Jack bitten by?
A timber rattlesnake
Who did Jack dream about when he was delirious from the venom?
His mom
What was the name on the military jacket Early was wearing?
Who was buried next to Martin Johannsen?
His mother
Who helped Fisher come back from the woods and ease his mind?
Jack's dad
Why did Jack, his dad, and Early go to Boston?
For the Fall Math Institute and to debate Professor Douglas Stanton
What did Early say to Professor Stanton?
He delivered a devastating blow to Professor Stanton's theory- Proof by contradiction
Who turned out to be Emmaline?
Miss Bellefleur- the librarian
What does Jack have on his wall?
A drawing of his own constellation
What is the motto of the state of Kansas?
Ad astra per aspera-To the stars through difficulties