Family is a special and important gift to succeed especially to me because they have always been there for me when I most need them. They have given me great support and advice. They try their very best to help me out and I thank them for that. Their support and love is something irreplaceable. Also thanks to them I have defeated many obstacles that I thought I simply could not. There has been times were I felt that whatever I did just was not enough for them, but I am wrong their proud of me every step of the way.

I am glad to have such a supporting and giving family. Of course it is not always easy to a have family like I do. My family is so unique that even I do not get them at times, but I love them just the way they are. My family is always going to be there in my crazy rollercoaster life. There will be hard times but my family is going to be there for me. It is nice to have my whole family believe and have full confidence in me. Families love may not always be pure and clear as water, but their love is always going to unforgettable. Friendship is like a rose.

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It is a bud at first but with time it will bloom, but not all buds will bloom and that is okay. I just think of all the friends I already have, and all those wonderful memories. Friendship is also like a chain it can be strong and well united or weak and pointless. It all depends on whom I choose to have as a friendship with because those people are going to have an impact on me. It is okay to make a mistake on whom I choose nobody is perfect; I learned that from my mistakes I have done in the past. Finding true friends was not easy but it is worth waiting.

I believe that friendship is very important because it has helped me discover who I really am. Friendship has helped me alot, my friends are like a second family. It might not be a perfect family but it is a wonderful feeling to have. I am glad to have found them and it really was worth waiting for this long. Even though my friendship with them has not been for a very long time I feel very connected to them. I honestly believe it was destiny. I thank God for putting them in my path. Friendship is truly one of a kind, were memories are built and kept.

Caring is joy, laughter, understanding, protection and guidance. It is amazing how all these words make one. It can come in many different forms, but it is still one. It does not matter who I am and where I come from because I receive care no matter what. Care is something that has helped brighten my path to a better future. It is something I am thrilled to have with me today. I always keep in mind that every time I receive care from someone no matter how little or big it is that it is always good to be able to care back. It is nice to feel that someone out there cares about me.

So why should I not take the time to care for others? It is amazing how with care things can change in this world. I just remember when I get that wonderful feeling I try to give other’s that same wonderful feeling. I believe that with care anything is possible. I know that I will succeed and continue to a wonderful fulfilled and bright future. So yeah I am going to let them talk and I will work hard to succeed in life, and prove them wrong, also show them that no matter how hard life gets for me I am always going to smile to the people and the world with my head held high.

I will always keep those magical words in mind that will help motivate me so that I may try new things to succeed and keep defeating each and every one of the obstacle that crosses my path not minding how hard they are. Because the tougher the obstacles are the better confidence I will have in myself. With that confidence I can and will accomplish every one of my dreams. Family, friendship and caring are my top three significant things that have helped me throughout life so far. I hope to discover more things in my life to keep me motivated.