Almost every nation in the world has its own respective national culture and tradition. Each has sets of language, spiritual beliefs, values, cuisines, and arts. However, when it comes to music, differences seem to blur. Music is the food of most people's thoughts and imagination. It can stimulate mind, enhancing it to be creative and artistic in different senses. For many centuries, music has been part of every culture and tradition of almost every nation all over the world.

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It is an expression of different feelings and emotion through lyrical words in an artistic fashion. Music conveys strong emotions not only from the person who is performing, but also evokes the same from its audience. It can create a harmonious ambiance in a certain environment. For that reason, music also serves as way of entertainment. Music is used in many celebrations of different occasions and events. In many other different countries all over the world, music has been the most influential and entertaining form of art.

Many people enjoy the wonderful rhythm music can give. It can relax someone, while others enhance their spirituality through music. Music has different types which depend on a specific musical instrument. In Africa, there are various musical instruments used in many kinds of gatherings, occasions, spiritual ceremonies, and other forms of traditional and casual events. Some of the traditional African instruments include okra, December drums, and kalmia. Okra is widely known and used in parts of West Africa.

It is made of a 21- string bridge-harp covered with cow skin. Most okra players and performers come from the well-known families called grist, who are historians in West Africa. They used the okra to deliver history as singers. Usually, they are known as wandering musicians or bards. On the other hand, December drums are African instruments that are classified as percussion instruments. December drums are traditionally crafted from a Lange tree, tit a head of goatskin and body of hardwood.

Most December drum musicians come from the class known as Mankind blacksmiths, which is widely known in West Africa. There is also some modernized African instruments like the kalmia, which is commonly known as African thumb piano. The kalmia is a small box with metal keys on its top to produce different sound notes. Although there are various kinds of musical instruments all over the world, the music it produces unites almost everyone.