Throughout life various things influence our everyday decisions. What we wear, what we say, who we talk, and where we live. Among these things that influence us is the music, movies and media. Though each of these influence us they accomplish this in different ways.

Everyone listens to different kinds of music but do you know what we are the good and bad things about music. There are music that are inspirational like church songs. Not only church songs delivers good messages but rap, rythem and blues, raggae, and country do too. But there are style of musics also have bad or negative messages. Some lyrics may also contain foul languages. Having foul languages in music is what influences kids or adults to say the improper languages. We can not control people from what kinds of music to listen. It is just up to you preffer.

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Movies on the other hand also influence us in good and bad way. Disney is one example of a production which deliver dood messages. However there are movies seem to make people relate it from afiction story to be nonficton. There are people who copies what bad influences that was made in a movie and community.

On the contrary media may be the most affodable entertainment it also ups and downs. The most used media is televison, computer, radio, newspaper, and magazines. Media is very important because it informs us what is going on around the world. It also gives us advertisements to what is available for to please our needs. Although media companies make their product appealing to the eyes and ears. They use attractive images in order to lure us into thinking that if we use their product then we will also be "attractive". They use appealing sonds, humor, and drama to get their audience to their product.

Music, movies, and media in summary has there good points and bad points. We cant control the entertainment industry because every where go it surround us. The only ways to control is to control ourselves.