Visual Spatial, Interpersonal, Bodily- Kinesthesia, Naturalist, Linguistic, Logical-Mathematical, Musical, and Interpersonal Intelligences. While there are people intelligent in areas equal or different than others, everyone is smart and weak at something, and this is what defines a person. According to "A Multiple Intelligence Inventory' I am highly intelligent in the Musical and Linguistic area, but I also have a weakness: Naturalist, which I plan to strengthen. Firstly, I am highly intelligent in the Musical area, scoring 9 out of 10.

For a person intelligent in this area means: You frequently listen to music on your Pod, radio, or television. You play a musical instrument. You cannot imagine your life without music on it. And you can catch yourself with a song running through your mind. These are Just to mention a few. There is a show that I started watching not too long ago, it's called "A Very Potter Musical", as the title says there is a lot of music on it, and that's why I love it. In the day I usually catch myself singing a song form the show, a sign that I am intelligent in the Musical area.

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Since I was twelve I started to learn how to play the piano, and now playing helps me a lot to relax and my piano is a place where I usually find myself, another sign, right? A life without music wouldn't make sense to me, I am always listening to music especially from the pianist and composer Yang, and I believe that music is a way where we can communicate with others. I love music and I hope I never quit it. Furthermore, I also have a high intelligence in Linguistics. This means: Books are very important to you.

English, social studies, and history are easier to you in school than math and science. Your conversation usually includes references to things that you've read or heard. It also means that you have a good vocabulary. Books are my life, a person that read ivies a thousand of lives, while someone that doesn't Just lives once. In a year I could read approximately 20 books, all of them cover to cover, and it makes me the happiest person in the world. I value books because they help know more of the world, and they also help me with my life.

Usually, when I talk there is always a moment when I really would like to quote some book, or when I don't remember the quote Just paraphrase it. That's a sign that I am intelligent in Linguistics. Lastly, I have a weakness in the Naturalist area, scoring 2 out of 10. Here are some qualities of people with this strength: You enjoy being outdoors. You try to protect animals. You are concerned with preserving the environment. You enjoy gardening. Or you like to read magazines about the outdoors.

As we can see from above, almost all the activities that I do are done inside a place, although I could go read in the outdoors, but I prefer things done inside. I like animals from a distance, but if they are within a distance of 2-3 feet, I have an irrational fear of them. I am not an outdoors person, but I would really like to strengthen this area. Why? Because it would make me more complete with the world, being outside helps your body, and nature by itself it's beautiful. How could I strengthen it? By going outdoors every day, try to read outside and get some fresh air, by not being afraid of animals.

There will always be some difficulties with trying to strengthen this area, because I have been not doing it for a long time. But I would really like to, in another time when I do this survey again, get a 7 out of 10. When we understand what our strengths and weaknesses are we can start to think more deeply about what is that we really want and if we can achieve it easily or with more instruction. For example: With my weakness in the Natural area, could I become a person that is always outdoors or a veterinarian? Yes, I can become that, but by working hard I could achieve it.