Primary Focus Film Evaluation Radio Joyce Monday/ Years ago I watched a movie for the first time that honestly changed the way I think. The movie Radio is based on the true story of James "Radio" Kennedy and T. L. Hanna High School football coach Harold Jones. It tells the story of a young mentally challenged man who is taken under the wing of a high school football coach after being bullied by the football team for his disabilities. Radio was released in October of 2003.

The cinema was written by Mike Rich and Directed by Michael Tooling. This film stars Cuba Gooding Jar. , Deed Harris, Alfred Woodard, and S. Path Emerson. The most important criteria for Judging this film is writing. A poorly written story will have poor acting! Writing is especially important when portraying a true story because the subjects should be satisfied first. In my opinion, if the subjects on whom a movie is based are not happy with the writing of a product then I most likely will not be satisfied.

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The way a film is written is the deciding factor of which it is a success or not. The second element that makes a movie good is the acting. If the acting is not good then the story will not be portrayed to its full potential. When watching a movie, I expect to be drawn in from beginning to end. A viewer should feel connected to the actors and believe the story that is being told. The acting can make or break a film. The third important factor that makes a cinema stand out is the direction. Every film needs a good director to guide the cast and make sure the movie meets standards.

A erector puts the film together and their vision creates the feel of a movie. The director works behind the scenes to make sure everything is done correctly. Without good direction, a movie will not be successful. As I was reading reviews, one review that I agreed with was "This is one of the best films I have ever seen! How anyone can knock this movie Just befuddles my imagination! First of all, Goodie's and Harrier's performances were simply spectacular, especially Gooding. That is the only way I can describe the acting: spectacular!

You have to imagine how difficult it would be to play a character like that and pull it off; then you see Gooding, and his performance was magical. As for the plot, since it was based on a true person, it goes where the lives of the characters go. For all the action buffs, it might be a little slow, but then it's not an action film. I definitely give this movie a 10. It deserves nothing less! " I agree with this review because I do feel that the acting in this movie was amazing. Cuba Gooding Jar. 's performance exceeded my expectations of this production.

A review that I disagreed with was "No offense to anyone who saw this and liked it, but I hated it! It dragged on and on and there was not a very good plot, also, too simple and the acting was so so... ' would give this snootiest a 2 at the most. " In my opinion, the plot of this movie was great! It didn't seem to drag on at all. Since the cinema tells a story based on someone's life, I do not believe that it was too simple. Being that Radio is a film that deals a lot with football it is often compared to the movie We Are Marshall.

Both films re based on true stories. In both productions, people have to deal with traumatic situations that shape the feel of the movies. Some differences in the cinemas are that in Radio most of the tragedy only affected him. In We Are Marshall the whole community was affected by tragedy. In my opinion, both films are a must see. This movie changed the way that I think in many situations because of how humble the character Radio was. No matter what was done to him he always treated people with respect even though some didn't give him that respect back.