Who is the author?
Gary Soto
What is characterization?
anyone who plays a part in a story
What is a character trait?
a quality in a person that can't be seen but is reveal through a person's appearance, words, actions, and thoughts
What is the setting of "Mother and Daughter"?
Belmont Avenue, present day
Who are the main characters?
Mrs. Moreno and Yollie
Why is Mrs. Moreno a believable character?
She has good and bad traits, just like real people do.
What are some of Mrs. Moreno's good traits?
She is loving and kind toward her daughter. She tries to give her a good life even though they are poor. She wants her to do well in school.
What are some of Mrs. Moreno's bad traits?
People in the neighborhood think she has strange clothes and an unusual sense of humor. She is not very handy (she ruined Yollie's dress and made a mess of the caramel apples).
What is the relationship between the two characters?
They like to tease each other a lot at the beginning of the story. Mrs. Moreno loves her daughter. She shows this in the way she encourages her studies, wants to help her with her dress for the dance, and gives her her secret stash of money for new clothes. Yollie loves her mother but is frustrated because they are poor. She feels bad after she throws a tantrum about the dress.
educated guesses based on whatever evidence you have
n. afternoon performances of a play or a movie
n. playful or silly acts
adj. slight, small amount
adj. wordly, elegant and refined
n. long, scolding speech
Character Traits of Mrs. Moreno
Caring, loving, faithful, kind, careless about appearance, not very handy, strange and unusual sense of humor, lover of plants and nature.
Character Traits of Yollie
Young, smart, beautiful, hard working student, slender, religious, a leader, helpful.
What do the characters of the story want?
Mrs. Moreno wants to dye an old dress Yollie have instead of buying a new one. Yollie wants her mom to spend money on a new dress she wants for the dance even though her mom does not have enough money.
What is the conflict in the story?
Yollie wants a new dress for a dance and mom wants to save some money and dye an old dress Yollie already have.
Mention 4 events that lead you to the climax of the story
1) Mrs. Moreno dried the old dress.
2) Yollie and Ernie went to the dance wearing the dress dye by Mrs. Moreno.
3) It started raining at the dance.
4) Yollie got soaked by the rain and went to the girl's bathroom to brush her hair.
5) Yollie noticed the dress was dripping black pigment.
What is the CLIMAX of the story?
The dress color started fading under the rain on the day of the dance.
What is the RESOLUTION of the story?
Mrs. Moreno bought Yollie a new dress. Yollie went to the movie with Ernie with the new dress.
The story is narrated in______ person _____ point of view.
third, omnicient
the author knows the characters' thoughts and feelings
it is how the writer let a reader know what personality traits a character has.