The purpose f the executive summary is to allow really busy Coos to get a good grasp of what you have done, and digest the most essential information without reading every sentence in the report. KHAN 2. Background. Define the problem to be studied and the purpose to be served by the research (What is the benefit to the client? What is the value of the research project? ). KHAN 3. The research strategy. Define the population and the sampling frame. Describe your sampling method as well as the size and profile of your sample.

If secondary data are used, identify the sources. MA 4. Briefly describe the exploratory research you conducted that led to the design of your questionnaire. (Or we put this before 3rd part? ) Include the final version of your questionnaire in the Appendix (briefly explain why we choose the six canteens as competitors) so that I know exactly what questions were asked and what scales were used in the questionnaire. KHAN 5. Report your findings you need to show how you analyzed the data, the results and your interpretation of the results.

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Research findings 7 4. Segmentation - ? 7 a. B. Targeting - discriminate analysis . Positioning - Perceptual Map 8 Recommendation 1 1 5. Appendix 12 6. References 12 7. 1 . Background Introduction 2. Exploratory Research 3. Research Strategy 4. Research findings a. Segmentation - ? B. Targeting - discriminate analysis c. Positioning - Perceptual Map 7 B-LINE: Please define price as "suitability' or "value for money' in your part Following the previous step, we keep six attributes of our interest: Balanced Diet Service quality Food quality Reputation Waiting time

Price setting suitability CLC Loading Plot According to the results from questionnaires, we managed to draw out the following loading plot. As SIPS fixed all the attributes to 2 dimensions, the attributes are located at different places on the map. The meaning of each component is estimated by referring to the distance and direction of attributes. Y-axis: as service X-axis: CA Perceptual Map According to customers' rating for the six canteens on each attribute, the perceptual map shows how customers perceive different canteens.

The size of bubbles is determined by the frequency indicated by customers, after being standardized (as Appendix I shows). The findings are as follows: S. H. Ho College Canteen has the largest customer flow, followed by Benjamin Franklin Center Student Canteen, IL Coho-mining canteen and Chunk Chi canteen are close competitors, all... Mornings College Canteen is perceived to have balanced diet and low waiting time. However, the service quality is not high, coupled with poor reputation and low value for money.