Moral human & spiritual values in Children Moral Versus Spiritual Values Scientific Achievements : As you know, in science we have made many extraordinary and incredible achievements. We have split the atom, and now we are trying to solve the microstructure of matter. In space, we have landed on the moon, and we have made space probes as far as the distant planet of our solar system. Through communication, we can watch the globe on the TV screen, and the television brings to us instant coverage and analysis of distant parts of the globe.

In medicine, in the operating room, we are now transplanting a pulsating heart. Sixties and Hippieism : On the other hand, there are a few  who would deny  degradation, deterioration  and the decline of our moral values. Most psychologists and sociologists  believe that  since the sixties,  the beginning of hippieism, when a group of young people  started rejecting the conventional dress  and behavior  and using psychedelic drugs  we have experienced a social  indifference  toward moral values.

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The mentality has been  “The heck with traditional values. I want to feel  what I want to feel  and do what  I want to do  and who cares  about the consequences”. Consequences : Well, the consequences are what we are facing with today:  emotional pain  and breaking down  of all barriers and relationships  of husband and wife,  parents and children,  brothers and sisters, and teachers and students. These are barriers that were once considered to be pivotal principles of Confucius ( jen )  and all past religions of the world. Social Disorders :

I have traveled all around the globe. I have noticed that  despite all of our scientific achievements, people are more and more unhappy. They are living with agony of the mind and spirit. They are divided and discontent. Families are separating. People are addicted to drugs and alcohol. They are suffering  from AIDS. They are suffering  from all kinds of mental illnesses. The number of prisons  is increasing  and still there is not enough  room for the criminals. The number of psychiatric beds  is also increasing. What Went Wrong :

One may ask,  despite so many achievements  in science and technology, why should we have so many problems in our society? Could it be  that we have paid  most of our attention  to science and little  or no attention  to our moral and spiritual values? Well , that is what we are going to discuss during this forum. Our three Faculties : As you are aware, there are three faculties in our body  each faculty originating  from a separate compartment  and each has  it’s own important function. If we draw a triangle, each side of the triangle  will represent  one of these faculties: -      sensual faculty  originating from our physical senses 2-          rational or intellectual faculty  originating from our mind and 3-          moral faculty  originating from our conscience. Philosophers  such as Confucius and Plato  first explained  this categorization of human realities. Man’s Distinction : From these three faculties  only one exists in animals  and that is the sensual faculty. Human beings, however, are distinguished from animals  for having the two other faculties  that is intellectual or rational  and moral faculties. Moral Being :

Confucius states that  man is a rational and moral being, distinctive from all other forms of creatures. And although, in human beings  these two faculties are present  at birth, they need cultivation and nurturing  in order to develop to their full potential. It is obvious  that if these two faculties remain dormant  and are not developed, the sensual principles will dominate. Moreover, among the two faculties of intellect and moral, priority goes to the moral faculty. In other words, it is a general opinion that  a moral illiterate and unlearned man  is much more superior  to an immoral learned scientist.

Nurturing Moral Values : Mencius, who is acknowledged  to be the greatest successor of Confucius  and many other philosophers, believes that  the whole duty of man  is to actualize his essential nature  and this to be accomplished  by cultivating and nurturing  the moral values  until  their influence  pervades his whole being. Mencius  stresses  that if man’s nature, that is moral values, was left uncultivated, he would become  like that of the animal. And Confucius believes  that in conflict between reason and desire, the moral faculty  should be arrayed  on the side of the rational principles.

Moral Values and a Compass : Moral values in our lives  could be compared with a compass. As the compass  directs the ship  through the storm, at sea, moral values  direct us  through challenges in life. But why do people   not like to follow  their conscience and moral values? There are several reasons  but perhaps the most important of all  is a craving  and a strong desire  towards freedom  without responsibilities. People throughout the world  like freedom  and they fight for it. They are against anything  that would interfere  with their sense of freedom.

Uncontrolled Freedom : But according to one of famous eastern philosophers, uncontrolled freedom is of the animal. Because animals operate on instinct. They don’t have choices, therefore we cannot expect responsibility from them. Human beings, on the contrary, are charged with responsibilities because they can make choices. Animal instinct versus human responsibilities Unfortunately, some people  in our society  are operating on animal instinct  instead of human responsibilities. Can we have  uncontrolled and mindless freedom  in driving?

If we truly were free, in driving  for example, all intersections  would be festivals  of blood and twisted metals  instead of civilized, organized traffic  with light signals  dictating driving behavior. The same thing is true  with our society. Uncontrolled freedom  causes chaos  in our society  and this is exactly  what we are experiencing today, all over the world. The moral values  control freedom  and that is why  so many people  are against it. Pleasure Versus Happiness : Another reason  why people  do not like  to follow their conscience  and moral values  is a belief in pleasure  versus happiness.

Happiness and pleasure, while a balance of them  is a great formula  for a satisfactory life, the confusion between the two  and the emphasis on the pleasure  have been devastating. Because  pleasure or fun  which is an immediate personal gratification  is part of the  animal kingdom. It is always  temporary  and often superficial,  with long-term suffering  and pay offs. Whereas  happiness  is associated with  immediate deprivation  and sometimes  frustration, but  with long-term  enjoyment. People  now-a-day  have more of  a tendency towards  pleasure  and immediate gratification rather than happiness with long-term enjoyment.

Golden Rule About 2500 years ago when one of his disciples asked Confucius “is there a single word that one can live by, all one’s life? ” He replied: “Do not do to others what you do not want done to yourself. ” This principle, later became known as the “principle of applying a measuring square” to say, it is a principle by which one uses oneself as a standard. That is to regulate one’s conduct. It was stated that every one has within himself the “measuring square” for conduct and can use it at any time.

For example if a person does not wish others to show arrogance or jealousy toward him, he should refrain from showing such arrogance or jealousy. This principle which later was named the Golden Rule, is the basis of all moral education and can be found in the sacred literature of the world. Is strong Moral Values Enough ? Emanuel Kant, the German philosopher, believed that  it is not enough  to have a  strong moral faculty. He said  unless the moral faculty  is reinforced by three other beliefs, it will not function properly. Those are beliefs in human volition, in immortality  and in a creative force.

He further explained  that if human beings  do not consider themselves  responsible and accountable  for their deeds, how would they follow their moral values? And so long as  man believes  that the end of his physical life  is the end of his entire existence  what motif  should prevent him  from immoral deeds and immediate personal pleasure and gratification, which is part of animal kingdom  and always  temporary  and often  superficial? And finally, unless they have a belief in a metaphysical superpower that supervises and oversees their deeds, why should they follow their moral guidance?

What is then the spiritual values? According to Kant, moral values  are the only control and restrain  for human behaviors and deeds; however, belief in human volition, immortality  and a metaphysical superpower  or creative force  is the only guarantee  for enforcement of those values. Moral values (golden rule) that are supported and reinforced   by  beliefs in human volition, immortality and a metaphysical superpower are called the spiritual values which are the basis  of all religions of the world .