After a year long investigation, police in Montreal has arrested a 29 year old man who is the alleged ring leader of an online criminal organization which laundered millions of dollars over a five year period. Officers seized evidence, including 3 Apple Laptops, multiple hard drives as well as physical ledgers. Dhanani was scheduled to appear in court this week.

The arrest of Omar Dhanani seems to be related to the crackdown on the Liberty Reserve fraud payment processor, which has been shut down in late May in result of a joint investigation of Costa Rican and United States authorities. Liberty Reserve is probably the biggest money laundering case in the history and was a convenient tool especially for online criminals.

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The arrest of Dhanani took place in the downtown. Police cruisers remained on the scene for quite a while. The result of the court hearing is not public yet. Dhanani is charged with money laundering, conspiracy to commit fraud, and fraud over $5000.