Since the beginning my mission has to build a strong culture around the barras brand and the supervise industry. I'm confident you will enjoy your barras online experience and please send us questions and comments, we would love to hear your thoughts. I want to introduce you to a few of the Team, our mission is to make your online experience as personal as it can be. My name is Brad Smith, I'm the founder of barras and my email is [email protected] Com. AU I'm on faceable and I'm keen to know what you think of our bikes. For customer service please email [email protected] M. AU and one of our Sales Team will help you out. When you purchase something it is our plan to assign you as customer to a local barras store so you get the local service feel, if you have any dramas or need any help your local barras store will be on the job to get you sorted out. Paula Smith is our Head Mechanic, every bike that leaves our warehouse is pre-assembled and check here to Palsy Standards, Paula knows everything there is to know in regard to supervise bikes and has a great team of mechanics to make sure your barras is flying.

I wont introduce you to the rest of the 40 strong barras team here but I wanted to give you a snap shot of some of the main team members who are here to make your barras online experience real. Real Good! barras! " BARRAS executive Product and Services Barras is the largest online store for dirt bike, pit bike and mini bike parts and accessories. Have over 700 parts online and we ship to any location. Using only the best quality materials and the latest innovative technology to manufacture our dirt bikes, parts and accessories. We are constantly improving our rodents to keep ourselves at the top of the game.

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We have hot ups, billing and the nice "extras" for your pit bike. We cater for the following and more; ICC dirt bikes ICC dirt bikes ICC dirt bikes ICC dirt bikes ICC dirt bikes ICC dirt bikes ICC dirt bikes ICC dirt bikes Pricing Policy Profit optimization in the long run Barras using the traditional profit minimization hypothesis may not prove beneficial in the long run. With the sole motive of profit making a firm may resort to several kinds of unethical practices like charging exorbitant prices, follow Monopoly Trade

Practices (MET), Restrictive Trade Practices (ART) and Unfair Trade Practices (HTTP) etc. This may lead to opposition from the people. In order to overcome these evils, a firm instead of profit minimization, aims at profit optimization. Financial deals One of the coolest things about barras motorcycle is how affordable the payment plans make this sport. So often our customers tell us they hardly even notice their weekly payment plan leaving their bank account, To see if you are eligible for one of our payment plans is simple: Step 1 - Hit apply below

Step 2 - Enter a few details like your name and contact number Step 3 - We call you to ask you some questions. Step 4 - We approve you for finance and send you bike Apply now and have your bike by the weekend Promotion Method Sales promotion One of the coolest things about barras motorcycles is how affordable the payment plan makes this sport. So often our customers tells us they hardly even notice their weekly payment plan leaving their bank account. To see if you are eligible for one of our payment plans, fill out the details below. Step 1 Enter a few details like your name and contact number below.

Step 2 We call to ask a few questions. Step 3 We approve you for finance and send you your new bike. Apply now and have your bike by the weekend. Advertising The internet has become an ongoing emerging source that tends to expand more and more. The growth of this particular medium attracts the attention of advertisers as a more productive source to bring in consumers. A clear advantage consumers have with online advertisement is the control they have over the product, choosing whether to check it out or not. [l] Online advertisements may also offer various forms of animation.

In its most common use, the term "online advertising" comprises all sorts of banner, e-mail, in-game, and keyword advertising, including on platforms such as Faceable, Twitter, and Namespace. Web-related advertising has a variety of ways to publicize and reach a niche audience to focus its attention to a specific group. Research has proven that online advertising has given results and is a growing business revenue. Distribution A distribution channel is a method of getting a product to its consumer. Distribution channels are part of a company's marketing mix.

A marketing ix refers to each business' unique combination of product, price, promotion and place. Distribution affects the place or path through which consumers can buy and receive the product. A distribution channel may be an on-site store, a virtual store, a retailer, a wholesaler, an agent, a telemarketer or direct mail. Franchise distribution Internet distribution Identify Brass's potential customer Demographic segment Age: 18-28 Income : $1,500 / Month Occupation : Student , Officer Marital status : Single Cryptographic segment Activities Traveling Easy lifestyle Marketing Mix

Product - barras is the leading brand in pit bikes and we are proud to be the only dirt bike on the planet to offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY. barras is believed to be the best dirt bike of its type in the world. Place : Price : Value prices adhere to the thinking that the optimal selling price is a reflection of a product or service's perceived value by customers, not Just the company's costs to produce or provide a product or service. The value of a product or service is derived from customer needs, preferences, expectations, and financial resources as well as from competitors' offerings.