There are also some used copies available from Amazon. Co. UK from El 2. A core textbook is only a starting point and provides introductory and background information only. Supplemental reading will be identified at each lecture. To achieve high marks in this module students will need to do the background and placements reading as well as conduct their own independent research for instance through the reading of academic Journals, into the topics identified. Journals of Interest The library stocks a number of trade Journals for marketing. These include: Campaign - the advertising trade bible.

Marketing - the marketing trade bible. Marketing Week Financial Times - Each week the FT publishes a supplement on creative business (marketing and advertising) you can access this free online. Web Sites of Interest www. FT. Com www. Guardian. Co. UK http://www. Marketing's. Com/ - American Marketing Association (AMA) http:// www. Roommate's. Et/ - The European Marketing Confederation (EMCEE) Assessment & Feedback The assessment for the module is structured as follows: 40% coursework assignment to be undertaken in pairs - 3000 words. 60% 2-hour unseen examination - 4 questions, answer 2.

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A mock exam will be worked through in the final seminar session of the module. Feedback to the coursework will be provided within three calendar weeks of submission. All feedback for the coursework assignment will be provided through Granddame. Marks will be made available via Grade Centre in Blackboard and your university student portal. Please note that all marks are provisional until they have en ratified by a progression or award board and are therefore subject to change. Feedback for the examination will be provided by a document on Blackboard that will be posted no later than three weeks after the examination.

This will include key components of all exam solutions and a commentary on where the group did well or badly. In week one of next semester, I will be available on February 3rd to meet with students in my office between pm and pm, if they would like to review their copy of the exam paper. No alteration to any grade will be considered. This is an opportunity to understand your performance. If you fail this module you will be required to sit an examination during the supplementary/resists assessment period. The resists examination will be weighted as 100% of the overall module mark - the initial assessment weightings do not apply for resists.

Individual Coursework Assignment The coursework assignment for this module to be undertaken in pairs and worth 40% of the overall module mark. Purpose of Assignment: The assignment is aimed at enhancing your ability to apply the material learned on this course to a practical marketing challenge. Assignment brief: In pairs, each group will write a 3000 warmongering plan. Each group must chose a company that both members are familiar with. You must then create a new good or service and develop a marketing plan for this product. The new product must be consistent with the company that the group has chosen.

It is important that you clearly demonstrate your understanding of core course concepts and explicitly explain and apply these in your plan. Evidence of wide reading is expected, with full academic references listed at the end of the essay. The outline is clearly described below. See appendix 1 for breakdown of key marking criteria. Marketing Plan Outline I Executive Summary 2 page summary of the market, opportunity, product, pricing, distribution, and promotional programs including your expected results). Market Analysis. A Market Analysis 1. Segmentation approach 2. Needs by segment 3.

Segment Potential b Analysis of Current and Potential Competitors c Environmental Analysis 1. Technology 2. Society Industry 3. 4. Etc. Marketing Plan Ill. A Description of the market opportunity (based on section II analysis). 1. Description of need. 2. Discussion of market potential. 3. Description of product concept. B Product Strategy 1 Description of product 2 Objectives for product Features and Benefits 4 Product Quality Strategy 5 Product Service Strategy 6 Competitive positioning of product 7 Estimated Costs c Pricing Strategy 1 Basic Price Strategy Skimming vs. Penetration Cost Plus Others? . Competitor issues d Distribution Strategy 1 Channels used to distribute the product. 2 Dealers, etc. 3 Channel co-marketing and relationships 4 Costs 5 Competitor issues e Marketing Communication and Promotional Strategy 1 Overall promotional objectives 2 Advertising 3 Personal Selling Sales programs Incentives Sales support 4 Sales Promotions 5 Program Costs 6 Competitor issues Technological Issues Trends b Impact on product offering. Submission The assignment must be submitted by pm on Friday 12th December 2014 via Turning. Please note: The maximum file size that can be uploaded is mob.

If your file is larger than this it is usually because you have included a lot of images - you should either remove some if possible, or else convert them to a more efficient format to bring the file size down (e. G. .Pang or . GIF). You should ensure your student number is in the title of the filename for the work you submit/upload. The School of Management operates a late penalty systems as follows: when work is vomited late with no prior authorization, a penalty of 10% will be deducted from the actual mark for each calendar day, or part of a day, by which the deadline is exceeded.

After seven days FRR Late nor should be submitted Digital Submission of Courses Logon TA Blackboard. Access the appropriate Mood Click the Assignment menu bal folder you will see a file entitle this farm and incorporate it a Click Coursework Please area By submitting work you are al Complete the dialogue box WI To subtitle your coursework, LLC "browse" button and enter al and your student ID ANNUM 1 the document is the one you then receive a message saying. End you a confirmation meal evidence of your submission. If you experience any difficult Client Experience Office strait!

An extension to the Extenuating Circumstances C' the due date. All applications medical circumstances Illus. ;s not considered to be an ext Stiltedness are expected to ma efficiently and to meet deadline Circumstances for more inform circumstances are available TTL [email protected] AC. UK Notes on Style& Word Count The length limit for the assail Than 12-point font Section h' does not have to be in prose. The maximum word limit fort contents page, footnotes, charts, graphs, figures) is 300 e stated in the assignment cover sheet. Please use a 12 Point font and 1. Spacing, Studentswhofailtoincludeawordcount,reunification wordcountwillhavetheir marketplace toothpastes. Marseille stopmarkingoncethewordcountlimithasbee reduced overall mark sakes argumentsorconclusionswillnotbeincludedinthemarked incompetently offal O%reductioninthetotalmarkforthe (e. G. Toolmaker's% wouldbereducedt063%fathering Studentswhosubmitworkthatisbelowthewordlimitwillno dents willnothavetakenfulladvantage ofthewordlimitavailabletothem,histrionically consist The assignment should be in extended essay format.