I went with the Intel Pentium III CPU with 450 MHz because it offered solid value for high clock frequency and Cache size, and also I got Texas Mother board with the latest chipset and 3D graphics processing features. The Memory I chose has 128 MB capacity, which is good for graphic. The type of memory is SDRAM which is the fastest memory. This computer has IBM HDD, which has lowest access time to transfer data. And the total amount of storage that the drive can hold is 18 GB. It also has 7200 RPM(Rotational speed) and because of this speed of drive spin, data can transfer more quickly.

This computer also has Creative CDROM, because this brand offers low price with 52 X(SPEED), which can transfer data from the disk into your computer's memory more faster. I went with the Asus video card with V 3800 which gives more range of colors that can be used to choose the shade of every pixel. Also it has 32MB memory which can support more bit of color. Also this computer has Motorola fax modem which is work with regular phone lines and work at speed of 56K (also referred to as the V.90 standard). It has voice feature which id good to use this modem as a telephones, and typically, as an answering machine.

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I chose Creative Labs sound card with PVI interface, because it offered solid value for a good performance. Monitor is very important, and I chose Nokia Multigraph 447, with 17" flat-panel and 25 mm pixel, which result is sharper image. Also it has 80 MHz refresh rate which help to refresh the screen in lower time. I went with Quiet Touch keyboard and DEXXA mouse. Also I loaded Window 98 and Power Point (98) for graphic performance in this computer.

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