A distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack involves hundreds of computers working together to bombard a Web site with thousands of requests for information in a short period.
Fiber-optic cables have a higher capacity, smaller size, lighter weight, lower attenuation, and higher security than other cable types.
Data communication technologies make, Web and video conferencing easier, which can reduce the costs of business travel.
A ____ attack floods a network or server with service requests to prevent legitimate users' access to the system
A(n) ____ is a type of Web site that allows users to add, delete, and sometimes modify content.
n the context of the technologies developed to improve the efficiency and quality of digital communications, ____ divide(s) each channel into six time slots.
A(n) ____ is an electronic audio file that is posted on the Web for users to download to their mobile devices or computers.
pod cast
____ is a hardware device that allows several nodes to share one communication channel.
In data communication, ____ refers to integrating voice, video, and data so that multimedia information can be used for decision making.
A routing table lists ____.
nodes on a network
A network ____ represents a network's physical layout.
A ____ router can build tables that identify addresses on each network.
Data encryption transforms data into a scrambled form called ____.
A uniform resource locator is the address of a document or site on the Internet.
A proxy server acts as an intermediary between network users and the Internet
(n) ____ is the address of a document or site on the Internet.
____ are hackers who specialize in unauthorized penetration of information systems.
black hats
The Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) operates at the OSI model's ____ layer.
Which of the following is considered an intentional threat?
social engineering
Which of the following protocols is used to send e-mails?
What is the first step in client/server communication?
The user creates a query.
The Internet2 (I2) project started in ____
ntegrate services, such as e-mail and file sharing
The Federal Express Tracking System allows customers to enter a package's tracking number and locate any package still in the system as well as prepare and print shipping forms, get tracking numbers, and schedule pickups. Federal Express is an example of a(n) ____.
When using mirror disks, if one of the two disks containing the same data fails, the other disk also fails.
___ are Web sites that allow users to connect with friends, family, and colleagues online as well as meet people with similar interests or hobbies.
Social networking sites
Intranets are typically set up behind a firewall.
Which of the following protocols is used for Internet telephony?
The amount of data that can be transferred from one point to another in one second is called ____.
The embedded references in hypermedia documents are called hypertext.
Protocols help ensure compatibility between different manufacturers' devices.
The ____ layer of the OSI model specifies the electrical connections between computers and the transmission medium, and is primarily concerned with transmitting binary data, or bits over a communication network
Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE), Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Opera are examples of ____.
Web browsers
Within the ____ technique for wireless security, a user's computer and the AP use a master key to negotiate for a key that will be used for a session.
Wi-Fi Protected Access 2
____ is a commonly used encryption protocol that manages transmission security on the Internet.
Secure Sockets Layer
____ cables are glass tubes surrounded by concentric layers of glass, called "cladding," to form a light path through wire cables.
____ outlines procedures for keeping an organization operational in the event of a natural disaster or network attack.
Business continuity planning
____ media operate on line-of-sight.
Terrestrial microwave
____ take advantage of the human element of security systems.
Social engineering attacks
____ means that computers and networks are operating and authorized users can access the information they need
____ means that a system must prevent disclosing information to anyone who is not authorized to access it
____ encryption uses a public key known to everyone and a private key known only to the recipient
____ is the process of capturing and recording network traffic.
____ scaling refers to adding more workstations (clients).
____ ensures data security and integrity over public networks, such as the Internet.
Transport Layer Security
____ refers to the accuracy of information resources within an organization.
____ is understanding the role of information in generating and using business intelligence.
Information literacy
Management information system's (MIS) _____ include programs developed in-house
software components
in designing a management information system, the first task is to define the system's _____ clearly.
_____ are an example of internal source of data for an information system.
Personnel records
_____ are an external data source of an information system.
Labor statistics
The output of an information system is _____.
The purpose of an information system's _____ component is generating the most useful type of information for making decisions.
A successful _____ program helps improve client service and create a long-term relationship between an organization and its clients.
customer relationship management
In accordance with Porter's Five Forces model, _____ power is high when customers have fewer options and low when customers have more options.
Online brokerage firms operate in a highly combative and ambitious environment, so they use information technologies to make their services more unique in order to combat _____.
rivalry among existing competitors
The most common personal digital assistant is a smartphone.
Twitter is an example of a management information system (MIS)
The terms "information systems" and "information technologies" are used interchangeably.
____ is 1/1,000,000,000,000 of a second.
____ means saving data in computer memory and retrieval is accessing data from memory.
How many bytes is a data of 48 bits?
A ____ is the size of a character.
ASCII (7 bit) defines up to ____ characters.
Which of the following is an input device
Optical character reader
_____ is the most common output device for soft copy.
Liquid crystal display
The Clipboard's contents are stored on ____.
____ memory, which is nonvolatile, holds data when the computer is off or during the course of a program's operation.
The term RAID stands for ____.
redundant array of independent disks
The supervisor program of an OS is called the ____.
ENIAC is an example of a first-generation computer.
A byte is a single value of 0 or 1.
Light pen is an output device
Which of the following is true of a database?
More information can be generated from the same data.
The ____ view involves how data is stored on and retrieved from storage media.
The ____ view involves how information appears to users and how it can be organized and retrieved.
The ____ in a database model defines the boundaries of a database, such as maximum and minimum values allowed for a field.
set of integrity rules
file structure
A data ____ stores definitions, such as data types for fields, default values, and validation rules for data in each field.
A ____ key uniquely identifies every record in a relational database.
In a relational model, when a primary key for one table appears in another table it is called a ____ key.
____ improves database efficiency by eliminating redundant data and ensuring that only related data is stored in a table.
A ____ operation searches data in a table and retrieves records based on certain criteria.
A data ____ is a collection of data from a variety of sources used to support decision-making applications and generate business intelligence.
____ is information in its original form.
raw data
____ gives users subtotals of various categories
Summary data
____ uses multiple sources of information and provides multidimensional analysis.
A data ____ is usually a smaller version of a data warehouse, used by a single department or function.
Business analytics uses ____ to support decision-making activities.
data mining tools uses ____ to provide customized book recommendations based on past purchases.
____ generated by Web server software, record a user's actions on a Web site.
Log files
A banker uses the information a client enters in a loan application to sell other financial products to this client. This action is _____.
legal but unethical
Generally, ____ laws protect tangible material, such as books and drawings.
The ____ means you can use copyrighted material for certain purposes, such as quoting passages of a book in literary reviews.
Fair Use Doctrine
____ is registering, selling, or using a domain name to profit from someone else's trademark.
information technology and the Internet have, in essence, resulted in two societal groups: the information rich and the information poor. This is called the ____.
digital divide
_____ involves the design, manufacture, use, and disposal of computers and servers in such a way that there is minimal impact on the environment.
Green computing
_____ prevents new adware from being installed on your computer.
____ is collecting data from Web sites, usually for competitive intelligence.
Web harvesting
Mobile commerce (m-commerce) is based on the ____ protocol.
wireless application
CASE tools are mainly used during the ____ phase of the SDLC.
Which term describes one user viewing one ad?
ad impression
Using the ____ model brings sellers and buyers together on the Web and collects commissions on transactions between these parties.
During the ____ phase, analysts choose the solution that is the most realistic and offers the highest payoff for the organization.
During the ____ phase, the systems designer must define the problem the organization faces, taking care not to define symptoms rather than the underlying problem.
In ____ conversion, the old and new systems run simultaneously for a short time to ensure the new system works correctly.
E-training for government officials is an example of a ____ application.
In ____ conversion, the old system is stopped and the new system is implemented.
E-procurement is an example of the ____ B2B e-commerce model.
seller-side marketplace
Foreign exchange systems that allow traders and brokers from around the world to interact are an example of information systems that support the _____ structure.
The _____ support of a global information system involves broad and long-term goals.
The GIS control dimension requires a(n) ____ architecture for data.
During the ____ phase, the information system is operating, enhancements and modifications to the system have been developed and tested, and hardware and software components have been added or replaced.
One of the issues with GIS is that too much ____ can prevent flexibility in responding to local preferences and even time differences.
E-commerce fulfills the product information activity using ____.
Web sites
With ____ outsourcing, the organization chooses an outsourcing company in the same country.
Companies creating separate Web sites for each country in which they do business is called _____ of a Web site.
With reference to the global information system, _____ consists of using managerial power to ensure adherence to the organization's goals.
The systems development life cycle (SDLC) is also known as the ____.
waterfall model
____ centers on a structured workshop in which users and system professionals come together to develop an application.
With ____ technology, information is sent to users based on their previous inquiries, interests, or specifications.
A ____ prototype shows users how a particular task that was not technically feasible can be done.
proof of concept
____ present(s) a challenge when designing and implementing global databases.
Different character sets
____ is a site that facilitates C2C e-commerce.
____ is a popular on-line payment system used on many on-line auction sites.
____ is a method for improving the volume or quality of traffic to a Web site.
Search engine optimization
____ uses an iterative process that repeats the design, development, and testing steps as needed, based on feedback from users.
____ is a method for developing software applications and information system projects in which the project is divided into smaller functions and developers can not go on to the next phase until the current phase is finished.
_____ are considered the first large-scale interactive global system.
Airline reservation systems
_____ display ads appear on top of a browser window, blocking the user's view.
____ refers to money or scrip that is exchanged only electronically.
Electronic payment
____ introduced the value chain concept.
Michael Porter
____ is a supporting activity in the value chain.
Technological development
____ feasibility is the measure of how well the proposed solution will work in the organization and how internal and external customers will react to it.
____ costs measure what you would miss by not having a system or feature.
____ feasibility assesses a system's costs and benefits.
____ is an application of artificial intelligence that can be used for Web marketing.
Intelligent agents
____ is a pure-play company.
____ includes national laws and international agreements on privacy protection and data security.
Transborder data flow
Stores use "____" to get a customer to buy additional products that they might already be purchasing from a different store.
cross-selling or up-selling
____ enables business partners to send and receive information on business transactions.
Electronic data interchange
With reference to the Internet-enabled SCM activities, coordinating just-in-time (JIT) inventory programs with vendors and suppliers is a part of _____.
production scheduling
With reference to the Internet-enabled SCM activities, providing real time stock information and replenishing stock quickly is a part of _____.
inventory management
The main goal of a(n) ____ system is to improve services offered to consumers and use consumer contact information for targeted marketing.
customer relationship management
____ is a search for specific information or patterns, using input from multiple business partners and data sources.
Collaborative filtering
Organizations with an established IT infrastructure often choose a(n) ____ CRM, which is implemented much like any other IT system.
on-premise, suggests products you might enjoy, based on your past browsing and purchasing habits; this is an example of ____.
Transaction data for a CRM system might be gathered using ____.
grocery store loyalty cards
____ invite sellers to submit bids for products and services.
Reverse auctions
In service organizations, the link in the supply chain includes ____.
distribution centers
A(n) ____ system is used to coordinate operations, resources, and decision making between manufacturing, production, marketing, and human resources.
enterprise resource planning
Information technologies and ____ play a major role in implementing an SCM system.
the Internet
____ decisions, or programmable tasks, can be automated because a well-defined standard operating procedure exists for these types of decisions.
Resolving conflicts between two divisions is a type of ____ decision at the tactical management level.
The ____ component of a DSS manages and coordinates the other major components.
DSS engine
During the ____ phase of the decision-making process, a decision maker examines the organization's environment for conditions that need decisions.
Plant location is a type of ____ decision at the strategic management level.
In the ____ phase of the decision-making process, the organization devises a plan for carrying out the alternative selected in the previous phase and obtains the resources to execute the plan.
During the ____ phase of the decision-making process, the decision maker defines associations between alternatives and criteria.
____ decisions are typically one-time decisions, with no standard operating procedure pertaining to them.
The ____ phase of the decision-making process starts with analyzing each alternative and its relationship to the criteria to determine whether it is feasible.
Which of the following tasks is performed by managers for which an EIS is useful?
Spotting trends
____ decisions include a structured aspect that benefits from information retrieval, analytical models, and information systems technology.
The ____ component includes mathematical and statistical models that, along with the database, enable a DSS to analyze information.
model base
Intelligent agents are also called ____.
____ perform well at simple, repetitive tasks and can be used to free workers from tedious or hazardous jobs.
____ systems have been one of the most successful artificial intelligence related technologies.
____ enables an expert system to learn from experience and examine and extract relevant facts to determine the path to a solution.
The _____ characteristic of an intelligent agent demonstrates the agent's ability to migrate from one platform to another with a minimum of human intervention.
____ was developed so that users could communicate with computers in their own language.
Natural-language processing
Some banks use a(n) ____ system to qualify customers for loans, using parameters from past customers stored in a database.
case-based reasoning
In the context of expert systems,____ consists of common sense, rules of thumb, educated guesses, and instinctive judgments.
Data mining agents work with a _____ , detecting trends and discovering new information and relationships among data items that were not readily apparent.
data warehouse
Within the context of the components an expert system, a(n) _____ is similar to the model base component of a decision support system.
inference engine
In the AI field, ____ engineers try to discover "rules of thumb" that enable computers to perform tasks usually handled by humans.
In the context of the decision making analyses that use information technology,____ analysis is available in spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel.
____ RFID tags have no internal power supply.
A(n) _____ is a matrix barcode consisting of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background.
quick response code
Nanotechnology incorporates techniques that involve the structure and composition of materials on a ____.
____ is a small electronic device consisting of a small chip and an antenna, and performs the same task as bar codes.
Radio frequency identification tag
When using a(n) ____, IS personnel time is freed up to focus on applications, such as customer relationship management and financial information systems, that are more strategically important to the organization.
application service provider model
____ uses computer-generated, three-dimensional images to create the illusion of interaction in a real-world environment.
Virtual reality technology
The ____ component of a virtual reality system is an input device that captures and records movements of the user's feet as the user turns in different directions.
Within the context of virtual reality technology, ____ refers to giving users the feeling of being part of an environment by using special hardware and software.
A cave automatic virtual environment (CAVE) is a virtual environment consisting of a ____ room in which the walls are rear projection screens
One advantage of grid computing is _____, meaning more nodes can be added for additional computing power without affecting the network's operation.
____ component of a virtual reality system enable users to see and hear the virtual world.
Visual and aural system
____ could be used to make sure people don't vote more than once.
Within the context of virtual reality technology, ____ refers to giving objects in a virtual reality environment texture and shading for a 3D appearance.