The title " Blue-collar Brilliance" used by author Mike Rose in his writing reveals what he is going to talk about and more precisely the opinion he will have. The author starts his writing in a powerful way by using a relevant anecdote of his mother Rosier, waitress in a restaurant. He explains to us how his mother should know not only how to work efficiently but also in an organized way. How she should memorize every single order and to whom each order was. How she should understand and respond to the different physiological and emotional needs of the clients.

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Mike Rose used this anecdote in order to lead us directly to nowadays world where we all Judge each other based on what we do for a living. And here more precisely about how Blue-Collar workers are unfairly considered to be less smart people practicing non intellectual and non creative Jobs. I agree with the author's opinion because I think that we live today in a very severe, stigmatize world where biases and prejudices are deeply and unfairly anchored. I chose this writing because it's the one that I related to the most, and I believe it is very important to be aware of such a reality.

In fact, I hope that this essay can help us to see things differently, to appreciate other's work to it's true value. I also wish that this will help us understand that despite who we are and were we come from and what we do, we are all the same and are all good at something in different ways that need to be valued. We can reflect and appreciate these lines that can lead us to a more open minded world, where we accept each other for what we are, and what we can give to our community.