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-Microsot Word 2000

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-Word Processor


-Microsoft Corporation

-The creator of the popular Windows operating system founded by Bill Gates.


(, 2000)

Microsoft Word 2000 is generally purchased as a part of the Office 2000 package.

The New User/Retail Upgrade Price when purchased with the:

-Premium Package (including: Word, Excel, Outlook, - -Publisher, Small Business Tools, Access, PowerPoint, FrontPage and PhotoDraw) - $1,299/$699 CAN

-Professional Package (including: Word, Excel, Outlook, Publisher, Small Business Tools, Access and PowerPoint) - $929/$539 CAN

-Small Business Package (including: Word, Excel, Outlook, Publisher and Small Business Tools) - $769/$389 CAN

-Standard Package (including: Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint) - $769/$389 CAN

-The New User/Retail Upgrade Price when purchased alone:

$519/$139 CAN


(,, 2000)

-Combines word processing with the Web (eg. documents can be sent by e-mail with the click of an icon or make it a Web page with a click of the mouse).

-Integrated with all Office 2000 programs allowing for top-quality documents, presentations, Web pages, etc.

-Proofing tools (AutoCorrect, Spelling and Grammar) available in English, French and Spanish.

-Documents can be created and edited in just about any language as long as you have the font installed on your computer.


(, 2000)

-WYSIWYG(What You See Is What You Get) Font Menu: Gives you a preview of font styles before they are chosen.

-You no longer have to press TAB or ENTER to get where you want to start with the new "Click and Type" feature.

-"Collect and Paste": Allows you to store up to 12 cut or copied items and insert them all at once or individually.

-Improved Table Flexibility allows you to easily automatically wrap text around a table and make documents containing floating tables.

-Updated Table Tool: Makes it easier to draw and edit tables. Cells can and lines can be added or deleted individually or many at once and can be split diagonally.

-Hundreds of new clip-art images that can be dragged in to a document. Sound and video can also be added.

-Start from a blank document or a pre-made template (eg. Resumes, Web pages...)

-Proofing tools (AutoCorrect, Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation, Hyphenation)

-Easy to create links to other Web pages or documents with improved hyperlinks.

-Easy and fun-to-use help with animated character.


(, 2000)

-To be user-friendly and make it very easy to use and understand; perform tasks with a click of the mouse.

-To create professional quality documents, Web pages, etc. with ease.

-To attract people of all ages with ready-made templates to animated characters.

-Now for more than just word processing but image-editing, Web page creating/editing, e-mails, etc.

Hardware Needed(/Recommended): (, 2000)

-PC with a Pentium 75 MHz+ processor

-For Windows 95/98: 16 MB of RAM for the operating system, plus an additional 4 MB of RAM for Word

-For Windows NT Workstation: 32 MB of RAM for the operating system, plus an additional 4 MB of RAM for Word

-147 MB of space for typical installation (+/- 147 MB when customized)

-CD-ROM Drive

-VGA or higher-resolution monitor; Super VGA recommended


-Modem/LAN internet connection (Recommended)

Other Information:

-Microsoft Word's main competitor is Corel WordPerfect. They are both two very well done programs, but in my opinion Microsoft is a more experienced company and produces many more software programs than Corel. Overall I would say Word is a better program than WordPerfect due to its extras. Word comes with many extras such as French and Spanish Proofing Tools, and Converters. I find these converters very useful considering the fact that WordPerfect is used at school and I use Word at home. These converters transform files for intended for different word processing programs to a .doc

so it can be viewed and edited with Word. The same goes for some other Office 2000 programs that are as well integrated with Word.


All information was obtained from the Microsoft Word Web site at:

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