A patient who has a history of diabetes. Heart disease and hypertension comes to the clinic complaining of swollen ankles, shortness of breath and nausea. She has been prescribed hydroelectrically. You will need to answer these questions with your information about urinary system drugs. Hydroelectrically causes increased excretion of all of the following except Sodium Glucose Chloride Potassium Side effects of the dizziest can include all of the following EXCEPT Muscle Spasms Low blood glucose Fatigue Nausea What advice should be given if he is prescribed burdensome

Limit sun exposure urine may be orange Watch for skin color changes Eat citrus Because of the edema, he will probably be put on a more potent loop diuretic, such Lodestone Lassie Compositor Dizzied Patients like Mr.. Chain taking loop diuretics should be given all of the following advice EXCEPT Avoid sunlight Check blood glucose Avoid alcohol 1 OFF Case Study 2 A patient who has been taking cathartics for years is finding the drug ineffective. This patient walks into your clinic and is asking more so that she can take it daily. She will ask you questions that you may be required to explain.

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The net set of questions will prepare you for her visit. The only laxative that should be taken daily is Milk of Magnesia Dulcetly Session Metallic Stimulant laxatives can cause all of the following EXCEPT Cramping Dependence Reduced peristalsis Electrolyte imbalance The following is true of mineral oil EXCEPT Can cause anal irritation Used with stool softener Contraindicated with dysphasia Can cause vitamin deficiency.