The Science of Creative Intelligence or pure consciousness Is the source of thoughts and source of all knowledge and It Is the Inexhaustible reservoir of energy and can be observed on every level of creation. This knowledge gives us an opportunity to discover more and more, to grow. Our mind is a container of all knowledge and Creative Intelligence is the home of all knowledge. 1) Necessity of learning the knowledge and practice of SIC: As we learned from SIC course, knowledge and practice of this science are very essential.

We gain the direct experience of creative intelligence and pure awareness through the practice of the Transcendental Meditation Technique. Knowledge verifies this experience through intellectual understanding. 2) The nature of life is on progress, evolve, and grow towards fulfillment: As Maharanis said, "Life desires to be lived in a state of fulfillment" and this is driven by strong desires, which are the vehicle for success. So, our nature needs to live In full achievement, happiness, peacefulness, and love. The Supreme knowledge of Creative Intelligence Is clientele: Creative Intelligence Is clientele because It can be experienced by everyone and It can be verified through repeatable scientific experiments. As we are transcending, we reach the source of thought and this can be experienced by anyone who practices TM. In addition, as we discussed in class and also, from my personal experience, during the meditation the metabolic rate and mental activity decreases and all of this can be proved by scientific experiments. So it's verifiable, consistent and repeatable, experimentally. ) Knowledge must be pure and genuine and effective: Since knowledge is the basis of action and action is the basis of achievement and achievement is the basis of fulfillment, then knowledge must be true, faultless, pure and without any error. Pure knowledge brings pure action and pure action brings pure achievement and pure fulfillment 5) The Science of Creative Intelligence has verified at all levels of life: Creative Intelligence can be verified by the environment, the body, the senses, the mind, the Intellect, the emotions, the ego and Being.

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The verification of creative intelligence at each level has the particular meaning. For example, it can be verified on the environmental level, as many people say creative intelligence increases through the practice of TM technique. It means that the knowledge will always show to be true, no matter the circumstances. 6) Creative intelligence always moves naturally, in the direction of fulfillment. Due to he qualities of SIC (innovative, progressive, self-sufficient and invisible), creative intelligence moves naturally in the direction of fulfillment and this is because the awareness moves naturally from the grossest level of perception to the transcendent, abstract level of perception. All In all, what Is needed Is the bliss out of Transcendental Meditation, the Joy and the happy mood. If all people would practice Transcendental Meditation, they enjoy all in nature to the maximum. In this way, we try to create a society free from enjoyed by every individual.