Marriageis a union between two people, without love and respect it is just an act withnothing holding it together. In a Doll's House by Henrik Ibsen, Nora andTorvald appear to show that they have a perfect marriage but when secrets arediscovered true feeling come out.

People say that true feelings come out whenyou are angry and or drunk. In this case Nora could see her worth when Torvaldfound out about the blackmail. Realizing she had a relationship based on publicstatus, and the up keep of appearance. Theplay ends with Nora slamming the door behind her when she decides to turn herback on her family and the reasons is clear. In their last argument Torvald sarcasticallysays that by leaving her family she is abandoning her "most sacredduties" (3.309). Nora doesn't see it this way and realizes the lack ofrespect, what is most sacred to her now are the "duties to herself"(3.

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314). She's comes to the conclusion that, she wants to be respected and needsto spend some time to figure out who she is if she is ever to be more than adoll. At the end of the play Torvald is alone in the living room.

He realizesthat they both have to respect each other as individuals in order to have areal marriage.             Beforeshe exits the house, Nora say to her husband, Torvald "Our home has beennothing but a playroom. I have been your doll wife" (3.286). Withstatements like that it isn't hard to guess where the title came from. Torvaldhas treated Nora as nothing more than his doll appreciating nothing more than herbeauty. He dresses her up in costumes to dance for him and others for publicstatus. First, their fathers and brothers would control them while they werestill young and when they are married, their husbands would finally controlthem (Bakken & Farrington, 2003, p.

327). Nora adds, "at home I waspapa's doll child" (3.286). She's never been anything more than a toy toman.

Their home and her life in reality, is all just for show. Torvaldreceives the blackmail letter and drops his genial act lashing out at Nora, realizingthat his reputation could be ruined. Upset and in the moment, he calls Nora ahypocrite and liar, screaming that she has ruined his life. Torvald goes on tosay that she will not be allowed to raise their children and will remain in thehouse only for public status. The maid then brings in another letter whereTorvald discovers that Nora's contract has been returned. Ecstatic, Torvaldattempts to dismiss his past insults, but his harsh words don't sit well withNora.Inthe beginning Nora and Torvald Helmer receives good about Torvalds job position.

He will be promoted to bank manager which to Nora means their money problemsare over. All is well except with new power comes threat and blackmail. Norahas a secret deb. It wasn't until the early 19th century that marriedwomen could open bank accounts or take out loans. This play takes place beforethat time. But although acquired with good intentions, a forged signature formoney will reveals Torvalds true colors.  "To hold from this day forward, for better,for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and health, until death do uspart".

 Marriage is the union of two people with love so pure that onlydeath can do them to part. In a Doll's House by Henrik Ibsen, Nora and Torvaldappear to show the elements of a flawless marriage. However, throughout theplay problems within Helmer marriage are exposed, a lack of respect, love andselflessness. A relationship based on public status, where appearance mattersthe most.