Diana Bausch and Marie Louise Starboard, hereby solemnly declare that we have personally and Independently prepared this paper. All quotations In the text have been marked as such, and the paper or considerable parts of It have not previously been subject to any examination or assessment. " Diana Bausch Marie Louise Starboard Introduction The restaurant business in Denmark is a very harsh business, and it is often seen that new restaurants have difficult following up to the bigger restaurants .

That is why several new restaurants are forced to close up again. That means it can be very fisticuff for new public interest to start up a business, because of such high competition at the market of restaurants. The competition from Fast-Food chains in Denmark is also treating the new restaurants there are starting in the business. The restaurant chain The Flagmen which opened its first store in Killing in 2009, the situation was quite different.

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It is not Just the Restaurant Flagman's customers who should be supervised to expand its client base, we need to go and look for potential customers for the Restaurant Flagmen. This will among other things be done with the right marketing, this will be the preparation of eye- catching posters and articles both online and in magazines, finally will be made use of WOMB method from guests to any potential guests. Selecting the method for research point. The theoretical models are being linked to reality. Therefore without any hurry, I am going to test a special case.

It means that I am preparing the project with a deductive cognitive course, then the questions at the problem formulation is opening and evaluating around somewhere now free empirical data and some data we collected. The point of this process is when we studied in the beginning; we did it for a chosen theme, finding the problem some known theories. Those theories are going to help us answering the problem. The models we are going to use, we learned in class of marketing management. It is models like a competitions analyze, a customer satisfaction survey or the service value chain which is making the different.

Our wish for this project is to work out a marketing strategy plan the Restaurant Flagmen would like to apply. For working out a marketing strategy plan it is requiring a lot of analysis, for both weaknesses and strengths. When all analyzes are gathered together and were assessed, one can devise a marketing strategy plan. When they are setting up a marketing strategy plan, be sure of getting it all. Basically start by doing a SOOT analysis for both having something on strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities.

Methodology, or how we consider handling the study, and in this case covered up in pragmatism and Paradigm. As this is a case study, the methods we want to work with is the triangulating, and try to show the connections between the theory and the real world. Before we are starting examine the problem area in the help of paradigm, we would like to find the theoretical models, and have it in control, in order of what we need to the study. Information Collection In order to collect the information we need for the export of this project, we need to get some information about the restaurant Flagmen.

We need both information inside the restaurant's staff and from outside, this is where we should go and look for the restaurant customers. This information will be used to get an overview of the Flames strengths and weaknesses. In addition, we must get hold of information about the catering industry. The information we need here, we find easily using the internet. The method An important question is what method to use, to design the study. The result from the study must be valid and reliable. On the basis of the principles and data's, we are going to go through the study to get the result as most valid and reliable as possible.

Conclusion First, we presented the problems restaurant flame was confronted by a problem statement and description of the problems. To investigate how the service is at restaurant Flagmen, we proposed that they are doing a service value chain analysis, thereby giving the restaurant the flame a general idea of what their core competencies are. Because the competition is so great in restaurant business, we have decided that it is important to Restaurant Flagmen is doing a competitor analysis, that way they can see where they are placed in the business, and in terms of positioning.

To restaurant Flagmen out what their customers think of them, it would be a good idea to make say a customer satisfaction survey. In that way the restaurant Flagmen gets an idea of what the customers think about the restaurant and if there could be things the customers were unhappy with. Finally we ended by explaining that it is not only their existing customers they must have in mind, that it potential customers to spot them. In the end, we have proposed to combined all the performed analyzes in a SOOT analysis, to draw attention on how they differentiate themselves through marketing.