The internet application called the world wide Web (WWW) is one of the technological tools that is making a significant impact on marketing. The Internet is a "wed of more than 2.2 million computers linked by telephone on more than 32,4000 connected computer networks and is accessible in 135 countries and territories" (Kotler). This medium provides relatively inexpensive way for companies to advertise their products to millions of people, 24 hours a day. It also opens up the home-shopping market and gives consumers easier access to international markets. It is convenient for customers because they can order products wherever they are, and they don't have to deal with things like traffic, parking spaces and useless trips when items are out of stock. (Kotler). Consumers can also compare information about different or competing companies more easily because information is literally at their fingertip. Consumers don't have to deal directly with sales people and be influenced by them to make purchases. Companies can also stay in touch with their customers and suppliers by creating web pages and setting up internet addresses to receive e-mail from customers worldwide. The WWW also provides a quick way to link employees to remote offices that may need to formulate and develop marketing plans and strategies. The communication limke to these offices also offers the ability to distribute information like sales information more quickly, which could result in better decision making.


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