Finally Pizza Express was bought for Gondola Group in 2003. The company has been leading the industry of pizza restaurant and has been one the most successful private restaurants companies with more than 400 restaurants in the Uk and 60 more internationally. (Who we are, 2013, www. Bizarreness. Co. UK) page Shareholders decide how much or how Pizza Express need to invest the money. Affecting directly to the company products and services. The external factors in the company are: Competitors. Analysis and monitoring the competitors of Pizza Express is really important, if the company want to be better than the competitors.

After the Pizza Hut decline our Leadership is even bigger. Public, it is all about reputation. Negative public image can impact in the sales directly. (Springboard J. 2014) Segmenting Consumer Markets There are many types of Consumer segmentation, but Pizza Express should focus in a specific segmentation to create a loyal consumer that will help to the company to increase the sales. In the company should focus in demographic segmentation,looking after families, couples and business costumer are the company.

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We Believe in Pizza Express family assistant, that is the reason of our campaign of "Kids making Pizza party', but Pizza express should considerer tusking multiple segmentation bases, for example business location, this idea of "Kids making pizza party' is not applicable. Acknowledge of Consumer markets is a powerful element that the company should considerer. ( Kettle & Armstrong, 2001) page Economic factors are the inflation, exchange and interest rates, including as well the economic growth. In this days Pizza Express should consider the global economic recession, that's is affecting in our annual income.

Social and cultural factors always impact in the UK companies, new life styles or people behaviors are constantly changing. Demographic factors must be considered. Technological factors is all about of innovate to improve the products or services. Pizza express should take advantage of these innovations, introducing the most innovate software system to improve the service. (Springboard J. 2014) Micro-Environment: Internal and external factors are included in Micro-Environment of Pizza Express. The internal factors are: Employees are the image of the company and affects directly to the service that the many provide.

A excellent recruitment and training are essential in this factor. Customers are our key factor, Pizza Express need to attract and retain the customer thought the products and services. Suppliers play a important role in the company, delivering fresh and quality products, is a essential and fundamental factor. Page Marketing Core Definitions: "Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large. (Approved July 2013)" (American Marketing

Association) "A social and managerial process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want thought creating and exchanging products and value with others" (P. Kettle et al, 2005, Pl) There are many similarities between this two definitions of marketing, the AMA and Kettle give the name of Process of exchange. Also both definitions remark and acknowledge the concern of value to the customer. One of the definition focal point is on the value in a long time retained customer. Introducing marketing There are many reasons for introducing marketing in Pizza Express, but the most memorable one is the business succeed.

The mayor aspects of the company depend on the marketing succeed. The potential customer must be known the product or service that Pizza Express provide. Creating marketing strategies, the potential buyers will be aware of the new products and services. Page Promote our product or services using marketing, give Pizza express a chance of being discovered by new and prospective customers. Without marketing your potential buyers will never be aware of your products or service and your company will never have the chance to progress or succeed.