Osama Aimed Khan Minimal Muskrat Johannes Llama Nana Same Ass Miriam And Sammie Nanas Raja Situation: Back In 1982 a business firm was created with the vision to cater to the culinary requirements of the taste buds of the Pakistani nation and at the same time to uphold the qualifications, preconditions and specifications set Internationally by the ISO 9001. We commenced with the crunchy product of potato chips of high quality ender the brand name of "Super Crisp". No doubt the name itself is self-explanatory.

Objectives: To gain maximum market share by using satisfactory strategies and penetrating the market. Introducing a product to cater the mass teenagers market and forming a demand derived market for snacks. Strategy: A careful analysis of the market potential, attitudes and available niches In the market. A proper targeted market strategy obtained by promotional and distributive targeting. 1 . Market segmentation done on the bases of age; children and teenagers were to be catered with the new range of super crisp snacks. . Market targeting; a niche was to be occupied by targeting the UN catered gap of snacks and quick meals in the market. Super Crisp was a name that enhanced the outlook to be very young and crunchy 3. Product LISP was it unique taste and packaging. This was used as the product differentiation as well, to emphasize on the taste and luxury of the snacks. 4. Positioning of the product is based on market segmentation and the gap In the market of snack foods and chips.

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Product display Is the major part of the sales and for this purpose exclusively designed, attractive product dispensers and display stands are provided by the product display, our POS material has played a vital role in creating wider brand awareness among the consumers as well as earning popularity among the trade. Results: Due to the low entry barriers over the years many more companies were launched which turned as a threat to super crisps market share holding.

These included Lays, Principles, Golden chips etc. Super Crisps strategy was based upon introducing more variety and dominating any niche market. We did this very well through our minims and other dry fruit launch. The add champagnes also came in handy for further enhancement of the products available in the market. The advertisement helped super crisp fight competition and hold the share after a declining sales period experienced.