I express my gratitude Indian Institute of Planning Management, New Delhi for providing me an opportunity to work on this thesis as a part of the curriculum. I am very thankful to my guide Mr.. Ukase Small, Regional Sales Manager, Anyway tort his excellent guidance and kind cooperation throughout this internship work. Content executive summary 4 Introduction 5 research objective methodology 8 literature review 9 company profile 49 penman,' tending and analysis 59 recommendation 69 conclusion implications 71 Bibliography 73 copy of questionnaire 74 executive summary Anyway is a unique company.

It is defined by the fundamental philosophy of helping people help themselves. Anyway has helped millions of people run their own independent business around the world. Today. Anyway continues to grin;v by offering new products and business opportunities to people from all cultures and walks of life. Whether they are employees. Distributors. Or citizens in the community, Anyway touches their lives for better. India with its rich reservoir of will. Talent and enterprise is perhaps the most fertile ground for the Anyway Corporation.

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In short it has made substantial value addition to Indians social economic life. The focus of this project is based on studying a single organization The Anyway Corporation. This research has been conducted to study the marketing strategy adopted by Anyway in the Indian market. An attempt has been made to study the company's perspective in the new market and analyses on how the company plans its expansion in Indiaö I have substantiated my research by inducting interviews to gain more insight about the corporation The data has been analyses on the basis Of questionnaire Which were conducted by me.

I have finally concluded my research by providing a summarized conclusion and also suggested recommendations on the basis of the marketing mix. Direct selling is a remarkable business model, which brings the market to the customer and offers a unique business opportunity to anyone eager adopt the spirit of enterprise. Direct Selling can best be described as the selling of products and services directly to nonusers in a face-to-face manner, through demonstration tot usage, by an Independent direct salesperson.

Direct Selling benefits consumer because it sells high quality products at the consumers convenience, often at his/her home or workplace. Customers value the advantages of convenience. Personalized attention, demonstration of usage. And a wide choice of products backed by Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.