Foreign Studies Based on the study entitled," Strategic Marketing and Its Effect on Business Performance: Moderating Effect of Country-specific Factors-conducted by Mattie Koala, Marketing efforts and know-how are Instrumental In compartmentalizing Ideas and Inventions successfully. Therefore, It could be fatal for companies to Ignore the importance of marketing (cuff. E. G. Yell-Cover, 2006; Salesmen, 2006). Kettle (1999) emphasizes the position of marketing to even argue that, in the future, marketing has the main responsibility for achieving profitable revenue growth for the company.

Based on the study entitled, "Strategic Marketing Plan for a Hotel", conducted by Marti Sharpening, Marketing of any kind of services can be challenging but at the same time interesting. How to market a product in a way that it awakens people's interest and make them think, "I want to have that"? Especially since people are more and more aware of their needs and wants and they will not settle for less. Based on the study entitled, "Marketing Strategy In Terms of Promotion and Communication for Energy Drinks In Ghana.

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Case Company: Celebrations Brewery' conducted by, Unaware Alarm Sarah, Marketing strategy as the title of this search study represents, is the process whereby an organization, in this case Synchronize O, focuses its energies and resources on activities which will lead to an increase in sales and dominance in its new target market. Based on the Study entitled, "Marketing Strategies for Foreign Universities in China: A Case Study of the University of Nottingham, Inning" conducted by Fang Yang, It was found that there is no fixed way to divide a market and position a product or service.

Thus, It is concluded that the segmentation and positioning strategies employed by UNC are effective to certain degree but further Improvement Is needed. The findings and suggestions are Important for foreign universities to market their educational degrees and programs In the Chinese educational market, to design and develop effective marketing strategies. Based on the study entitled,"Marketing Strategy in the Centralization of New Technologies", conducted by Leslie Harris Vincent, Therefore it is important to step away from examining innovation and marketing strategy formation within traditional domains (I. . Large organizations) and instead focus on innovations outside organizational boundaries degenerate 60 to 80 percent of new Jobs annually. In particular, considering the high rate of new venture failure, what characteristics increase the likelihood of success in the centralization of new technologies? This research seeks to answer these compelling questions, and provide a more process-based approach to studying the effective development of marketing strategies for new technologies.

According to Khan Pam-Gig, from the book entitled "Marketing Strategy of a "third place" between work and home. People can take a refreshing break and relax by drinking a cup of fresh-brewed coffee in a home-like and socialized environment. They enjoy the life in a coffee store with warm wall colors, soft and cuddly armchair, coffee flavor, convenient music in the background and friendly baristas. Based on the study entitled "Strategic Marketing Plan for a Hotel", a good marketing strategy defines the reason why it is unique or compelling to buyers.

It should explain what is the benefit the consumer gets by purchasing the company's product. It should explain why the customer would want to buy that particular product from the company and not go to some competitor instead. (Kettle 1997: 294-295) But as a small business owner, you don't have time to devise complex marketing strategies for your products. Instead, you can tap into a few simple strategies that have already proven their worth. Many small business owners mistakenly confuse marketing strategies with ad campaigns.

A marketing strategy is a plan or an approach for marketing your products and services. An ad campaign, on the other hand, is the means by which your marketing strategy is accomplished. Your objective is to tie your advertising efforts into a comprehensive marketing strategy that has carefully designed to attract attention in the marketplace. Some marketing strategies are created for the purpose of capturing a certain segment of the market, but the majority of small business strategies are more generic in nature.

Even so, it's important to understand what your strategy is trying to achieve. In a study conducted by Karen Leland entitled "Branding Made Personal:3 Steps to Building a Stellar personal brand", every business owner knows their company needs a unique combination of message, name, reputation and look that positions them as a brand. But it's also critical for entrepreneurs to have a personal rand, which is built from the talents, commitment and energy you bring to the table.

A robust personal brand is not simply a great elevator speech, snappy clothing and a social media presence. It's a way to give your business a competitive advantage. Marketing strategy is very much important for developing any of the business. Without it, the effort of the business to attract customer is random and very inefficient. The focus of your strategy must make sure that your product should fulfill the demands of the consumers and as will as it maintains the long-term relationship tit those consumers.

Local Studies Based on the study entitled, "Different Marketing Strategies Employed by Korean Businessmen in Lillo City, by Songs Hong, The influx of Korean entrepreneur engaging in businesses in the city demanded scrutiny because no study has ever been done to measure their impact in the economy. It is also interesting to find out how do Korean entrepreneurs survive in the cutthroat Philippines and Korea but still maintain a steady stream of profits and customers. Based on the study entitled, "Effectiveness of Marketing Strategy in

Corridors Island", conducted by Maria Allan Rocco, Marketing is a "telling, selling and satisfying customers' needs" process. However, Cruz (2003) emphasized the uniqueness of Tourism Marketing which sets it apart from the global concept of marketing. She stated characteristics such as tourism being an intangible experience usually composed of several components. Based on the study entitled, "Marketing Strategies: Ford Case Study, Marketing strategies varies from one market to another and from one product to another. For example the marketing strategy of Deadwood is different from Ford.

The main marketing strategy of Deadwood was how to break onto the relatively mature USA market in order to become a meaningful player in a short period of time, while ford's problem was basically an internally focused one, indicating how IT influenced the organization design and global marketing strategy. Based on the study entitled, "Market Structures in the Philippines" conducted by, Jake Kevin Boron, Philippine is an industrialized country wherein there is a lot of establishments and firms inside it. A of lot competitions here like retail trade, including restaurants, clothing stores, convenience stores, gasoline stations ND etc.

We all have the freedom to enter a new business firm, we Just need the extensive knowledge of prices and technology. The real world is widely populated by competitors whereas half of the economy's total production comes from competitive firms. Based on the study entitled, "Hyatt Hotel Marketing Strategy', Hyatt marketers have to develop a marketing strategy that goes beyond the marketing strategies of their competitors to insure they have a unique advantage over the other companies. The first step in the development of their marketing strategy was the identification of the specific market segments they wanted to pursue.

After establishing their target market segments, they conducted extensive research on the competing companies' marketing strategies and then evaluated them to make sure their product was above the competitions. It is very easy for a company to forget that their marketing strategy must be current; therefore part of their marketing plan includes the continual recycling of their research process and the evaluation of current data. Based on the study entitled, Marketing strategies of Catering firms in Selected towns in Racial, conducted by Genesis Garcia,