An estimated 90% of annual market net additions are now prepaid, a trend that is expected to continue. The number of prepaid subscribers has increased more than 200% in the past year and is expected to rise still. (After MINT Disruption 2 presentation) Intended target areas/methods Taxi drivers for distribution of prepaid airtime cards etc. Individuals in rural and semi-urban communities/settlements. Children under 12 years (wrist watch phone ? Assuming the technology is available) Industries needing to keep "track" 'contact with their drivers for instance. (wrist watch phone)

Profile of the Cell Phone user Age group Preferred Cell phone Reason for choosing network What would influence you to change providers? ? Nothing ? Cost - lower tariffs and discounts by another provider, better rates ? Promotions ? A better offer, good deal, benefits ? Continuous network problems ? Better service (from another provider), bad service from Voodoos ? Extended time for free minutes ? Free itemized billing and caller recognition MINT ? Better call rates or a much better phone for free with a similar package ? Better/ value-added services ? Better package, price, phone I get Better deal or offer ?

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Price increase (by MINT) ? Affordability, cost ? Duration of contract, "Two years is quite a long time to sign into" ? Quality of network ? "? If my cell wasn't network locked" POSITIONING Cell C offers a unique international professional team who's analysis of the changing market environment will help to develop the strategic goals to ensure that Cell C will survive. These will offer the benefits of: Knowing the direction Forward thinking habits. Enforces greater intra-organizational and external dialogue. A process of making a systematic and critical review of the business.

A focus on priorities A consideration of strategic alternatives Cell C will have primarily an African image. Giving the people of Africa the kind of products and services that they need. We believe that in order to put even a slight dent in the marked we need to be aggressive in our marketing attack. "we can proceed with the implementation of our aggressive cellular network roll, paving the way for us to introduce innovative new competitive service and product packages designed to further expand mobile telephony to the mass market". T. Llama Cell CEO

Our intention is to use a combination of marketing concepts in order to have the best impact I. E. Product concept, production concept and the market concept. Product concept To be in a position to offer cell phones and contracts that are in high demand but at the lowest possible price. Production concept To be able to offer unique products and offer the best quality and performance (on the 1800 Mesh spectrum. ) We will find out what it is the customer wants and ensure that we give it to them in that way we will ensure customer satisfaction. Market concept Customer orientation ?

The key to customer retention is customer satisfaction. We subscribe to the belief that perceived benefits go beyond product performance, to service quality, company image, sales service and relationships. (after A. Arable & K. Collaboration ? We believe that it is the mandate of all employees of Cell C to undertake in the marketing of the company, after all if the marketing exercise fails Cell C fails. Competitive Advantage ? We are planning to build the reputations of and maintain successful brands, in this way ensure customers confidence in the brands ensuring repurchases.