McDonald's should introduce other sides that are low in sugar such as sliced cucumbers or celery with their meals so people with health problems/issues or diets can have more of a variety to eat something healthier instead of French fries or apple slices (that are extremely high in sugar). A rotisserie chicken should be offered as well which would be healthier than consuming chicken nuggets which are not one hundred percent chicken. Restaurants such as McDonald's should be more health conscious and serve foods that are better for the body, instead of Just a few salads or wraps.

There would be a win, win situation if McDonald's put healthier foods on their menus globally. They would generate more revenue from a broader type of consumers as well as more frequent customers that are more health conscious. Introduction According to consumer reports, a third of the adult population in the United States is obese and diabetes and heart disease are major concerns in children to adults. The obesity is rising in teens and children. There is an issue with parents, especially the single parents that are trying to maintain a house hold, working and raising hillier with extracurricular activities.

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Time is limited and that is why McDonald's is always an alternative to grabbing a quick meal, which is not always healthy. There are more children today that are obese compared too decade or two ago. Time has changed and children are more opt to use electronics than to go play outside, riding a bike or Jumping rope; however today there is a health issue on the rise and many consumers are beginning to become conscious of their eating habits. McDonald's can add some healthy items to their menus such as more whole grain raps with low fat meats such as turkey with real cheeses, such as Swiss or cheddar, with low fat dressings.

With the obesity and heart disease that exists today, diet should be a priority to everyone. Fruits and nuts should be incorporated and all should be small portion meals. McDonald's did already eliminate the "Super Size" off their menus which would be an encouragement for healthy eating. With the studies of people having fast paced life styles, constantly on the go, many people stop at fast food restaurants because of the limited time in their schedules. If McDonald's would eve healthier foods incorporated in their menus, it would help create a positive and healthier lifestyle globally.

Secondary Research Secondary Research Review The Consumer Reports National Research Center recently surveyed 21 ,632 readers about weight loss. There are solutions too healthier life style that can be obtained by following these six strategies that have worked the best, which are as follows: Measuring meal portions; Of all the eating behaviors we asked about, carefully controlling portion size at each meal correlated most strongly with having a lower IBM. Limit fat intake; which means restricting fat to less than one-third of one's daily calorie intake.

Fifty-three percent of the successful losers and 47 percent of the people who were always thin said they did that five or more days a week, compared with Just 35 percent of the failed dieters. Eat fruits and vegetables; the more days that respondents ate five or more servings of fruit or vegetables, the lower their average IBM. Forty-nine percent of the successful losers and the always-thin respondents said they ate that way at least five days a week, while 38 percent of ailed dieters did so.

Choose whole grains over refined; People with lower body weights consistently opted for whole-wheat breads, cereals, and other grains over refined (white) grains. Eat at home; as the number of days a week respondents ate restaurant or takeout meals for dinner increased, so did their weight. Eating at home can save a lot of money, too. Exercise; Regular vigorous exercise-?the type that increases breathing and heart rate for 30 minutes or longer. (Consumer Reports. Org, Health, Conditions, Control Your Weight, February, 2013) Conclusion

Since McDonald's is globally, they should make this availability globally in Europe, Canada and especially in the United States. The more of a variety of healthier foods, the more consumers will eat lunch more frequently as opposed to monthly or bi- weekly would turn into daily. Many consumers that are working and have families are constantly on the go or in a hurry. If the healthier foods were available, the consumers would be coming more frequently. The elderly are constantly eating out in the state of Florida; however not too often at McDonald's.

Because of their diets, hey are unable to consume the foods available on the menu due to healthier foods not being available. McDonald's should begin with offering real cheese instead of the processed cheese and low Carr and low calorie dressings with the salads and sides of celery and cucumbers. More fruits should be offered as well as whole grain wraps and breads. McDonald's expanded aggressively, opting to franchise rather than operate its new locations, providing new income with little overhead. McDonald's' sales have decreased due to the food nutrients as well as the economy with the unemployment dates as well.

The ones that are not working and are on assistance as well as unemployment are not eating out as much. The working consumers are the ones purchasing from McDonald's mainly for their children since they are always on the go. If McDonald's were to add healthier products to their menus globally, there would be less of an issue with obesity and health disease. This would target a broader area of consumers if healthier foods were incorporated in their menus such as salads, whole grain breads and wraps as well as less processed cheese.