I thank my research guide Mr.. Raman Kohl ho helped me learn the meaning of true research and who brought me out of the paradigm and helped me to think. The knowledge gained from independent thinking is something we do not experience in our way of education. As a result of this research and interaction with my guide it seems that the real meaning of research is just beginning to show. A special Thanks to my Mother for her untiring support and inspiration throughout the working of this project without which I would not have been able to give my best towards this research.

Last but not the least I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge my friends, Emily members and other faculty members for their motivation, teachings and guidance for making this project come to the present stage.

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Anyway is a unique company. It is defined by the fundamental philosophy of helping people help themselves. Anyway has helped millions of people run their own independent business around the world. Today, Anyway continues to grow by offering new products and business opportunities to people from all cultures and walks of life.

Whether they are employees, distributors, or citizens in the community, Anyway touches their lives for better. India with its rich reservoir of will, talent and enterprise is perhaps the most fertile ground for the Anyway Corporation. In short it has made substantial value addition to Indian's social economic life. The focus of this project is based on studying a single organization I. E The Anyway Corporation. This research has been conducted to study the marketing strategy adopted by Anyway in the Indian market.

An attempt has been made to study the company's perspective in the new market and analyses on how the company plans its expansion in India. I have substantiated my research by conducting interviews to gain more insight about the corporation. The data has been analyses on the basis of 2 surveys which were conducted by me. Survey 1 was conducted through direct, phone and online interviews. Survey 2 is conducted by gathering information through structured questionnaire and the interpretation for the same has been provided.

I have finally concluded my research by providing a summarized conclusion and also suggested recommendations on the basis of the marketing mix.


Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Anyway Profile. How it works? Product Profile Current Scenario

Chapter 3: Mammy's marketing strategies. Sales & Marketing Plan Strategies in the market Penetration Segmentation

Chapter 4: Research Methods Objectives Methodology Data Collection Sample Size Research Design

Chapter 5: Findings & Analysis

Chapter 6: Conclusion & Recommendation Annexed Bibliography Sample Questionnaire ANYWAY VISION "Helping people live better lives.

In all aspects of our products, businesses and social responsibility, we strive to make a meaningful difference in the communities in which we operate.


"Through the partnering of Distributors, Employees, and the Founding Families, and the support of quality products and service, we offer all people the opportunity to achieve their goals through the Anyway Sales and Marketing Plan. "


Direct Selling is a remarkable business model, which brings the market to the customer and offers a unique business opportunity to anyone eager to adopt the spirit of enterprise.

Direct Selling can best be described as the selling of products and services directly to consumers in a face-to-face manner, through demonstration of usage, by an independent direct salesperson. Direct Selling benefits consumer because it sells high quality products at the consumer's convenience, often at his/her home or workplace. Customers value the advantages of convenience, personalized attention, demonstration of usage, and a wide choice of products backed by Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

One of the most tangible impacts of Direct Selling in its new advent has been the fact that it has touched the average man and women in a manner never experienced before. Anyway India Corporation is the country's leading Direct Selling Company. It is perhaps the best example of the contribution Direct Selling is making to India. In a little over two years of commercial launch Anyway India has emerged as the country's largest Direct Selling Company. It closed its financial year with a turnover close to RSI. 250 scores (the Anyway Financial year runs from Seep. To Jug. . It will reach its target of RSI. 1000 core turnover much before its declared target of the year 2004.. The direct selling industry has grown rapidly over recent years. Changing lifestyles, demographics and economic recession have all been factors influencing this growth. Anyway provides people with business opportunities across the globe. Direct selling is not about 'getting rich quick' it is about creating rewards for effort and initiative. With low risk and low capital investment, Anyway provides people with the opportunity to achieve and to improve their lives.

As a leading player in the world of direct selling, Anyway is helping to 'clean up' the industry and provide a valuable and acceptable form of product distribution. In an impersonal fast-moving world driven by technology, Anyway provides the personal touch. Because it focuses upon direct selling, Anyway is different from more traditional distribution channels. Its Independent Business Owners own their own business, with the flexibility to deal directly with their own clients and to build up personal relationships.

These Independent Business Owners also have the ability to deliver Mammy's products to their customers' homes. Independent Business Owners sell to people they know or meet. The personal contact and care they provide is an important element in direct selling. They are also self-employed and can introduce others to the business to form their own sales group of Independent Business Owners. The channel of distribution describes the stages of ownership that take place as a product moves from a manufacturer to a consumer.

The increasing use of the Internet by consumers has created a real potential for developing different types of equines models and for new approaches to reaching users directly and quickly in their homes. This report examines in detail the marketing strategy of the leading global direct marketing major, Anyway in India. In the initial stages of the report I have focused on Mammy's current position in the Indian market. As the research progresses I have tried to analyses the companies marketing objective for India and how they set out to achieve them.

This report also provides a brief introduction to the concept of multilevel marketing and tries to make the reader understand the preference between multilevel marketing and the traditional distribution setup in the FMC sector, so as to give an idea as to how the system is being utilized by companies like Anyway. ML -a definition Multilevel marketing allows sellers to build a business through their own sales efforts and by inviting others to become sellers. Remuneration is based on a seller's personal sales AND on the combined sales of those people they have sponsored, trained and motivated.

The story of Anyway is intended to drive home the point of a company being alert enough to modify its globally accepted practices to suit the local arrest's needs. This report has been made keeping in mind the benefits which can be derived from my research. Benefits to customers This report will be beneficial for consumers who prefer the marketing goods or services directly to them: at their own convenience often in his/her home either on a one-to-one basis, or in the context of a sales party.

Through this the customers will get a better idea about the company's product offerings and value the advantages of: convenience, personalized attention, and a good selection of quality products available at their door steps. Benefits to sellers Many people have chosen direct selling because they want to build their own business, but do not have: considerable funds required to buy a franchise or start a new company. Among the top five reasons people sell direct because they like and believe in the product, like being their own boss, and working their own hours, like the supplemental family income or making extra money for themselves.

It can be beneficial from the sellers point of view as it may give them the idea of exactly how they can go about creating their own business and benefit from the Mammy's unique business opportunity. Benefits to companies In this report I have deeply analyses the marketing strategy for Anyway through personal interviews by many IBO'S and Anyway customers who have helped in adding valuable data to this project which can be useful for the company. The suggested recommendations can be considered by the corporation for further expansion and increasing market share.


Anyway began in 1959 with two young entrepreneurs in the United States Rich Devon and Jay Van Ended. Their concept for an innovative business opportunity, centered around person-to-person marketing, established itself as a leader among one of today's fastest-growing industries. Today, more than 3. 6 million independent business owners distribute Anyway products in more than 80 countries and territories. Anyway is part of the Lattice family of companies whose global sales totaled $4. 5 billion in its most recent fiscal year. Sass - A Friendship Forms Rich Devon and Jay Van Anode's friendship actually began with a business proposition, when Rich struck a deal with Jay for a ride to school for 25 cents a week. After high school they entered the military, but they planned to start a business together after separate tours of duty. A friendship formed and became a business legislation that has lasted to this day. Sass - The Early Years Anyway quickly outgrew its original facilities in the basements of Rich Devotes and Jay Van Anode's homes. In its first full year of business, Mammy's sales were more than half a million dollars. Sass - The Decade of Growth As vowed by Jay Van Ended the night of the 1969 disaster, Anyway rebuilt the aerosol plant and went on. The ' ass began with sales of more than $100 million at estimated retail, and kept going strong. After a lengthy investigation, the FTC verified that Anyway is a genuine business opportunity and not a "pyramid. " sass - The Billion- Dollar Decade The ' ass will be remembered for the first Billion Dollar Year at estimated retail in 1980. Building expansion at Anyway World Headquarters continued at breakneck speed as Anyway scrambled to keep pace with demand, opening its new cosmetics plant in Dad. Sass - The Second Generation As carefully planned by Rich and Jay, the second generation Van Ended and Devon families took the helm during the ' ass. Steve Van Ended and Dick Devon succeeded their fathers as Chairman and President. Distributors witnessed a similar trend, with the second generation of many distributor families taking on important leadership oleos. Sass - The New Millennium In 2000, Anyway Corporation became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lattice, Inc. Chairman Steve Van Ended and President Doug Devon share the Office of the Chief Executive.

Many Ways to Receive Income You have read about the first two ways: Retail Profit. Averages 20% + of Business Volume (BE) on products you sell. Performance Incentive, ranges from 3% to 21% and is paid monthly. There are many more ways for Direct Distributors to earn income when they meet qualifications. These are: (a) Leadership Commission. (Paid monthly) (b) Monthly Depth Commission. (Paid monthly) (c) Ruby Commission. Paid monthly) (d) Emerald Commission. (Paid yearly) (e) Diamond Commission. (Paid yearly) (f) Diamond Plus Commission. (Paid yearly) (g) Double Diamond Payment. (RSI. 00,000. One time cash award) (h) Triple Diamond Payment. (RSI. One time cash award) (I) Crown Payment. (RSI. One time cash award) O) Crown Ambassador Payment. (RSI. One time cash award) Special Leadership Programmers As you attain various levels of achievement, you may also be eligible for various ANYWAY leadership programmers: Direct Distributor Seminar: A special two-day meeting for new Direct Distributors. With all expenses paid by ANYWAY, new Direct Distributors meet the ANYWAY India management team, and receive an abundance of information to assist them as they build their growing businesses.

Annual Leadership Conferences in countries around the world. Invitations are extended to Mammy's top leaders to meet in a business-building atmosphere. A variety of special programmers, such as your own special day at ANYWAY, your own success story in the Distributor magazine, the Anagram, or your name and picture added to the Distributor Hall of Achievements in India and World Headquarters. Business Considerations ANYWAY CORPORATION has succeeded for almost four decades because it is a roper, ethical, and honorable addition to the retail marketplace.

ANYWAY is a world leader in Direct Selling. A key element to this success is the recognition by governments that ANYWAY is a model marketing system. As with any venture, you should review all aspects, weigh the ad vantages [disadvantages, and decide whether it meets your needs. Here are some essential points to consider about the ANYWAY business opportunity: Start-up Costs Compare the start-up costs of this opportunity with that of a conventional business, and you will notice quite a difference. The only cost for an ANYWAY Business is that of a Business Kit, which costs RSI. ,400.

Merchandising The first way you can make money with your ANYWAY business is to sell products to retail customers. Successful merchandising is made easier by Mammy's line of high quality products; a sound combination of upscale and consumable items that can mean profitable and repeat sales. Sponsoring You may increase your merchandising efforts through sponsoring. Although it is not mandatory to sponsor people, sponsoring may increase your income when the Distributors you sponsor begin to build their own ANYWAY business. Business Support Materials As your business begins to grow, you may want to acquire training aids.