In terms of Kindle, Amazon introduced a new product within an laryngitis's niche market, but made it small and innovative and advertised it through its laryngitis's large customer base giving it the competitive advantage ND attractiveness it required shift units in bulk. Kindle, a very recent innovation, has propelled Amazon to new heights within the e-commerce business.

Despite the innovative Kindle receiving the Reader's Choice award for the best e-book reader 3 years in a row (Statesman, 201 3), Amazon has kept the cost of disservice affordable, hence sticking to their core emphasis of providing low-cost products toothier customers in trying to achieve customer satisfaction. Apart from Kindle, Amniocenteses in other ways such as One-click Ordering system, Vouchers and Amazon Premiership Includes one day delivery. Regardless of Cost leadership and

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Differentiation strategies, wealth business circles, believed be not going hand In hand, Amazon has always found Itself dealing with products Hellenic markets and being sold at reasonable prices through sellers with huge access testimonies of scale. Amazon has discovered ways to reduce cost not only without Herrington differentiation but by actually raising it, by using practices that are both efficient indifference or by employing a deferent technology (Porter, 2004, p. 18).

For example, Beats 4 market buttonhole-sale sellers can be found on Amazon selling them at much lower price compared to tactual MR.. Amazon, along with keeping the cost-down for the customers, also bases its warehouses anural areas where the land is much cheaper than industrial estates or urban areas where land prices can be inflated. ' Amazon has tried to stress how many Jobs it is creating across discounter y at a time of economic malaise' through these warehouses, with one of them situated in Ruggedly, Staffordshire. (Roberts, 2013)Therefore, Amazon. Mom prides itself to be one of the major players in the world in providentially y products through good service. Good service in Amazon's case is the competitive advantage for selling products. Amazon. Mom has built a four pillar strategy to guide and reach Bozos' vision. These pillars are Selection comprising of VA SST selection of retail products;Price which is consistent and continuously offers products with no sacrifice to quality with guaranteed on-time delivery; Convenience, for example offering customers review antecedence forms on all products (Stockpot, 2010, p. 75) and finally; Technologicalcapabilities in terms of logistics of delivering goods according to customers preference,innovation within the e-reader and tablet market, SAWS (Amazon Web Services) whichever Cloud Computing and Digital content such as Amazon MPH Music store (Stockpot,2010, up. 577-578). 2. 2 Corporate Level Strategy The above three customers: Consumers, Sellers Developers (& Enterprises according to threaten Annual reports) are all focused around division of Growth, that the Founder/CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bozos yearned from the beginning.

This strategy to grow through mainly focusing customer experience can be seen in Figure 2 2 :The customer focus is mainly based around E-commerce. It is this E-commerce industry thatched Bozos visualized through Amazon in chichi will grow over the coming years. Despite ' he online channel still accounts for Just 8% of total retail sales in the U. S. , the future growth's going to be healthy with Amazon leading the way U. S. Growth outlook certainly looks promising, international markets can offer even higher potential in the long term '. Forbes ,2013). Anions Matrix is used to analyses this growth that Amazon entails its main focus on. Anions Matrix explicitly considers growth options. Growth is rarely a good end in itself. Publications organizations are often accused of growing out-of- control bureaucracies; similarly,some private sector managers are accused of empire alluding at the expense of shareholders. Therefore, within the Anions Matrix, Consolidation acts as a fifth option which involves 2 Source:http://www. Delete. Et/blob/images/Tells 2_NSINSkMakeorum_presentation_lolonghornmAmazongure 2: Amazon's strategy 5 protecting existing products and existing markets as we can see in Figure 3 Products Existing New Markets Consolidation Market Penetration (e. g. IGDBAMIDveLovelierdible. com,Comts. com,Comric. com,Comppcaposm Comarket Development New segments New territories New uses With new capabilities Beyond current expectations(E. g. xGanExpansioncountries mainly India. Plans of expansion in Sweden and PolaPlanneroing) Product Development With existing Capabilities Beyond current expeexpectations(Kindle, Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD )HADiversification With existing capabilities Beyond current expectations(E. g. AGazon Web Services which inclinconsiderationardian, NetfNettlingc) Figure 3: AnsoAnionsrix Out of the 4 strategies in Figure 3, Amazon has managed to adopt all four strategies inliunlimitedthin the last 4 years, Product Development has been a major part of Amazon's strategy in the form of the e-book reader Kindle, along with the tablet, Kindle Fire, desidesignedufactured by Amazon itself to rival other tablets in the markets, mainly the iPadpadApple.