It is made tit natural ingredients and its flavors are Chocolate, Butter Pecan and Cherry Vanilla. It was first made over 40 years ago. Hagen-Dads uses the finest and purest ingredients. Ben and Jerry is also at the top end of the market but it is a newer brand as it was first made in 1978. It has 39% of the market share and is the number two brand. It costs a little bit less than Hagen-Dads as well. The price is still quite expensive though as all the products used are bought from minority and disadvantaged workers. It has a more fun image and has flavors such as Phips Food, Berry Nice and Cherry Garcia.

It is aimed more towards young people than Hagen-Dads is. It is aimed at young men and women in their teens, twenties and thirties with a high disposable income. Although these products are both at the top end of the market and are luxury ice creams they have very different approaches to their marketing and promotional strategies. Ben and Jerry is marketed as a fun brand. It aims to try and attract younger people than Hagen-Dads. This is shown by the names of its ice cream flavors and also by the design of the packet. Hagen-Dads has a more sophisticated image and it has a more grown-up carton.

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It is aimed more towards older people, for example, people in their late ass's, ass's and ass's. Marketing Promotional Strategies Marketing Mix and Promotion has four main aims. It is known as AID. It sums up the purpose of communication with customers through promotions. A companies Unique Selling Point (USPS) is what they use to make them different to other companies who are selling the same things as them. Ben and Jerry have got a laid back image but they also have a social awareness. When Ben and Jerry first started their company, they started the concept of giving back to the community as a whole.

They make sure that the milk they use is bought from Vermont farmers and they buy the brownies they use in some of their ice creams from disadvantaged workers. They also give 7. 5% of their profit away to help social and environmental causes. This is their Unique Selling Point. Hagen-Dads USPS is that they are an ice cream aimed at adults that uses only the finest ingredients. They market themselves as the ultimate in luxury and extravagance. There are lots of different types of media that can be used to advertise products. These are the mass media: television, radio, cinema and the internet.

There is also billboards, magazines, planes and product placement. Local media can also be used and this is notice boards, shop windows and public places. These influence buyer behavior by persuading them to buy the product they are advertising. Hagen-Dads has a lot of advertising. They advertise at cinemas and also on the television. They also have magazine and billboard advertisements. They advertise themselves as being a luxury ice cream and have started a new advertising campaign "Made for Movies". This is going along with a special offer at Blockbuster videos where they offer free video rentals.

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When Hagen-Dads first started in England they had a word of mouth campaign to make them seem very credible. They had marketed it as an market product and at first it was only sold in market shops. They ran advertisements in magazines like Vogue in order to attract the right sort of audience they wanted. Hagen-Dads used AID to drip feed information in order to get peoples attention. Most people wouldn't be able to buy it at first though because they didn't shop at the right shops and it was expensive but after a while they started selling it at lots of shops. People bought

Hagen-Dads because they wanted to see what all the fuss was about and if it really was as good as other people said. Ben and Jerry also advertise their products but not as much as Hagen-Dads. They do not have any television advertising at the moment; neither do they have any magazine adverts. They have a lot of promotional evens however, such as buses that go round universities and offer free tasting days. Ben and Jerry is often bringing out new flavors of ice cream and often has a "Flavor of the Month" They also stop making flavors that are not selling well. This is so customers do not get bored of the same thing.

They advertise these new flavors in magazines and on billboards and people are keen to try what these new flavors taste like. They also advertise that they give a percentage of their profits to charity and the Ben and Jerry Foundation and this is used to gain customers. Both Ben and Jerry and Hagen-Dads have an market image and at the moment they are the only two ice-cream brands to have this image. People would rather buy the more expensive brand and get the image that goes with it than buy a cheaper ice-cream which tastes Just as good because they don't get the image that is associated with it.