Product: I am the product and I am trying to sell myself to the employer. The employer is looking for someone with not only the knowledge to succeed but the ability to give back to the company in a meaningful way. Since I am the product, and I do not know the employer first-hand, the only thing the employer gets to see of me before he makes his decision is the cover letter, job resume, and interview. Thus, these three aspects of the job application process are even critical than most people think.

Required by Stern, Organizational Communication is a great course and tool that teaches you valuable ways to better yourself as a product. Lectures are given on cover letters and resumes that teach us as students to present ourselves to the fullest capacity. The presentations we give and the question and answer sessions with peers also will help us down the road when it comes time for that all important interview. Along with all of this, I must rehash the point that good grades and excellent work experience only add to the dimensions of you as a product.

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Pricing: As I look for the job, the most important thing is getting a job before asking too much from your employer. A salary from sixty to eighty thousand dollars a year would be more than enough for me to sign a contract. Other things I would look for in a potential deal are stock-options, benefits, and even bonus pay, depending on the situation. Promotion: Before all this happens, one must promote oneself to get hired by an industry. Fortunate for myself, I have a plethora of contacts in the field, thanks in most part to the cousins who have come before me.

Nothing beats a personal contact in the field and this can sometimes put you over the edge in an employer's mind. Other venues for promotion include online job sites or the good-old-fashioned door to door resume sweep. Although these venues provide good links to the outside world, they will often times lead to a dead end. The best lead is often times the one you overlook the most. Whatever venue you choose, you must remember to always put a hundred percent into everything you submit. If you don't think the job is for you, do not put your name into the hat just for the sake of it.

This will lead to more problems than you think. Job fairs are an excellent way to find a suitable job. You are able to meet face to face with the job recruiter and often times set up an interview right on the spot. Place: I would like to stay in NYC after college. I love the environment and sense of diversity. However, as to what channels I am going to use to get to my target market is simple. Networking is a huge aspect of business practices. Its all about who you know and what you know.

Currently I am a member of the Accounting society Beta Alpha Psi. Each weekend, we take trips to accounting firms and mingle with accountants and drop off our resumes in order for summer internships or full time jobs if you are a senior. This is a great program that gets your name and resume out to recruiting accounting firms. You also have the opportunity to learn first hand from the accounting experts by talking with them and asking them questions. Also, the NYU career service is a great way to get your resume out to prospecting firms.

Conclusion No one said that school and life would be easy. Yet, there are things you can do that can separate you from the rest of the pack. Keeping your grades up and gaining experience in the field are just two things one can do to better his chances at landing a job. Having a solid cover letter with an accompanying job resume is the first step to acquiring a job. Lastly, differentiating yourself from the competition means making sure your best attributes are out there for the world to see.