Marketing Persona What Is a marketing persona? Persona are archetypal characters created to represent the different user types within a targeted demographic, attitude or behavior set that might use a site, brand or product a similar way. Persona are often combined with market segmentation to represent specific customers. Example persona questions What is the segments' age range? ; What is the segment's educational level? ; What is the segment's social interest? ; What is the segment's Job status? ; What is the segment's typical work experience? What is the segment likely to get their information? (TV, Internet, Faceable, Linked In, Twitter, etc. )? ; What three adjectives would the segment use to describe themselves? Why do I need marketing persona? Persona are a way to consider the goals, desires and Limitations of your customers. They are used to guide decisions about a service, product. Interaction, feature, and visual design of a website. Common usages of persona Identify the features, functionality and content to develop for specific persona. ; Communicate to senior executives the expected marketing target. Guide content placement to support the customer goals and answer their common questions. What marketing persona are NOT Marketing persona are not a single user. They are a representation of the goals and behaviors of a hypothesized group of users. In many cases they are captured In a 1-2 page description that include behavior patterns, goals, skills, attitudes, and a few fictional details the make the persona a realistic character. Qualitative & Quantitative Research Facts Qualitative market research methods are subjective and designed to talk to a relatively small group of people in the target audience.

The purpose of qualitative research is to understand the possible range of buyer attitudes and beliefs, not to measure incidence, project, or forecast quantity. ; Quantitative market research methods seek to project results of a survey to the entire marketplace. The goal Is to classify features, count them, and construct statistical models in an attempt to explain what Is observed. Quantitative data Is more efficient, able to test hypotheses, but may miss contextual detail and be a more costly solution. Consistency across the business for marketing message and lead definition. ;

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Better organizational understanding of your customer's needs wants and desires. ; Understanding where your customers are spending their time will enable better targeting of content and promotion opportunities. ; Better quality sales leads and lead nurturing programs for different persona. ; More targeted analytics as you can discover which types of persona make better customers. For more information visit http://www. Kinetic. Com/Product/For-Marketers Persona quick start There is no single best approach to defining a persona and it will vary based on your business requirements. Top Resources How well do you know your customer? Http://devote. Kinetic. Com/Blobs/Thomas-Robbins/May-2012/How-well-do-you know- your-customer. Asps Common ways to create persona: Qualitative persona 1 . Talk and/or observe your customers to gather behaviors, goals and attitudes. 2. Segment users based on qualitative research techniques. 3. Create a persona for each segment. Qualitative persona with quantitative validation 1 . Talk and/or observe your customers to gather behaviors, goals and attitudes. 2. Segment users based on qualitative research techniques. 3.