Nikkei Introduction Retail can be defined as the sale of physical goods, merchandise and any services to t he consumers for their personal, family or household for direct consumption. In most of the retail Industry, e very sales transaction Involves the final consumers. Retail industry is categorized as the service factors which made a positive impact on the economic growth of Malaysia. In Malaysia, the retail sector is strictly regulated by Min story of Domestic Trade and

Consumer Affairs (MATCH) through the committee of retail trade. The growth of retail industry is always having a direct positive relationship with the e economic growth. The phenomenon can be easily explained as when economic slowdown, the retail Industry y is expected to face challenges as the consumers begin to reduce and Limit down their expenditures which will event Lully reduce the retailers revenue and profit. For example, In an economic recession, fewer consumers will thin k about buying a pair of new hoes to avoid an extra financial burden.

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In addition, the increasing price of basic co moieties will cause the retailers to face cost pressures which reduce their profit margin. Background of NIKKEI Company Nikkei Company is one of the largest retailers that involved in Malaysia's retail sector. It involves in the athletic footwear retail Industry as its primary main focus Is on supplying sportswear. It Is the leading retail marketer of sport apparel, athletic shoes and a major manufacturer of sporting equipments In the world .

Nowadays, besides selling sportswear, Nikkei also involves in selling of casual and fashion footwear in order to Inc erase its consumer networks coverage. To distributing its products, Nikkei is operating own outlets which known as Nikkei Town and distributing the franchises to most of the countries in order to extend the business throughout the w oral. Nikkei helps to create a lot of employment opportunities as it employed more than about 35000 (2010) people world died.