Read these instructions carefully and ask any questions in the forum. Most errors occur because instructions are not followed. For this midterm, critically analyze the marketing of any one organization (profit or nonprofit). Do not select any organization that we have already discussed in class. If you select the organization you currently work for, you may not use that organization again for your final. For each question, please provide specific details and your critical thoughts.

Please note that your word limit for the entire exam is 1500 words, so use your words wisely. Do not waste words on marketing definitions or theories. You must also support your arguments with research and references (your references and bibliography will not count toward your total).

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I. Marketing Mix Analysis (30 points): Critically analyze the company's marketing mix (product, price, place, promotion). A list is not enough. You must also analyze the strategy behind each element.

II. Stakeholders Analysis (30 points): Critically analyze the company's stakeholders (customers, competitors, company, community). A list is not enough. You must also analyze the needs and impact of each key stakeholder on the organization.

III. Brand + Positioning Analysis (30 points): This consists of two parts…

  • a. Critically analyze the organization’s brand in terms of appearance, personality and reputation.
  • b. Draw one positioning map with the organization, two customer segments, and two competitors.

IV. Reference Notes + Bibliography (10 points):

  • a. Include reference notes in the body of the document. Support all of your assertions!
  • b.List all of your sources again in the bibliography. Use the Harvard format for websites. Points will be deducted for improper formatting.

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  • Remember: your limit is 1500 words for the entire exam.
  • Make sure your paper is anonymous. Do not put your name anywhere in the document.
  • Upload your completed midterm as a . doc (not pdf) through the RKC system. Do NOT email it to your professor or post it to the forum. Due to unpredictable Internet service, upload your paper a few days before the deadline.
  • Turn in your paper on time. Meeting deadlines is critical in business, and late papers will be substantially penalized.
  • Clarity is important. We do not expect perfect English, but please proofread your work to eliminate confusing passages and major errors. Students often accidentally skip entire sections, which causes them to lose many points.
  • Do not plagiarize. Plagiarism has been described in the RKC forum, and in the Expectations & Guidelines of this course. Use quotation marks where needed, and all of your sources must be referenced, even if you take just one word or number from them.