The researcher tabulates the data and develops one way or two way frequency distribution. The researchers should not try to overwhelm the management with lots of numbers and fancy statistical techniques?this will lose them. The researchers should present major findings that are relevant to the major marketing decisions facing management. Business / Economic and Corporate research 1. Industry / market characteristics and trends 2. Acquisition/ diversification studies 3.

Market- share analysis 4. Internal employees studies (morale, communication, etc. ) Pricing 5. Cost analysis 6. Profit analysis 7. Price elasticity 8. Demand analysis a) Market potential b) Sales potential c) Sales forecast 9. Competitive pricing analysis 10. Concept development and testing 11. Brand name generation and testing 12. Test market 13. Product testing of existing product 14. Packaging design studies 15. Competitive product studies Distribution 16. Plant / warehouse location studies 17. Channel performance studies 18.

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Channel coverage studies 19. Export and international studies Promotion 20. Motivation research 21 . Media research 22. Copy research 23. Advertising effectiveness 24. Competitive advertising studies 25. Public image studies 26. Sales force compensation studies 27. Sales force quota studies 28. Sales force territory structure 29. Studies of premiums, coupons, deal, etc. Buying behavior 30. Brand preference.