This will assist in ensuring security of files, give reservations, check body temperature as well act as a digital photo display. The packing will Include a USB cord to charge the mouse, a pair of AAA batteries to power it up, an Instruction manual and a carrying case. 3. Augmented Product -? A warranty of one year comes with the device, which will replace the mouse in case of malfunction and also provide free maintenance for another 6 months since. Price: We will be pricing the Super Mouse at S$ 150 In the Singapore region.

This will account for the production, distribution, marketing as well as the costs incurred. Cost based pricing strategy is used here keeping in mind that cost of production is S$ 100 and targeted profit margin is 50%. Place: We will be using the Selective strategy to distribute our product. Stores Like Mustang Centre, Best, Courts, Challenger, Audio House and other Electronic shops have been contracted to strategically place our product in their shops in a way that customers notice it. We will be using our well-established distribution lines to ensure there is enough stock in each of the stores.

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Apart from this the company will be holding a gamers meet where teenage gamers ill be given the opportunity to test out the mouse on a more practical environment. This will create awareness as well as a recreational opportunity for the prospective customers. Promotion: 1 . Advertising - The main source of our promotion will be advertising which will mean setting up banners and posters in important social gathering places like Orchard, Somerset, Dhobi Aught and Warburton MR. stations and connected malls.

We have also contracted buildings to air our advertisements on their big screens so that commuters using buses and personal vehicles also will be made aware of the product. 2. Sales Promotion - As mentioned earlier in the Place Mix, we will be conducting a social gamers meet where we will be providing a 10% off on the mouse for those who participate. We will also make available gift vouchers, which can be purchased at the meet. Implementation - This product will launch in October of 2013 giving time for pre-launch advertising and production.