The first demographic of the market to target is young adults, ages ranging from upper twenties to mid-thirties in hot climates, whom own their own properties and are constantly busy. This target market is attractive because at this age, young adults have just graduated from college and are consumed with both work and still attempting to spend time with friends. By devoting most of their time trying to make a name for themselves and advancing within their company and the rest of their time trying to maintain a social life, young adults do not have much time left for tedious safekeeping chores.

The benefit of young adults using the robotic lawn mower Is that they will regularly have more time to devote to their satellites, Interests, and all around busy lives. The second demographic, elderly people specifically In hot climates, possesses characteristics such as physical deliverables and a want to distance them from physical activity in case of fatigue or Injury. Upon aging, many people have undergone surgeries or have been diagnosed with an illness that prevents them room performing rigorous physical activity.

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Even a healthy elderly person experiences difficulty when performing simple tasks. For elderly people, mowing the lawn was once a simple task that required a long duration of constant attention and activity. The benefit of elderly people using the robotic lawn mower is that they will not have to worry about experiencing fatigue or an injury due to the physical activity associated with mowing the lawn. With the robotic lawn mower, the task once again becomes simple and convenient.