What is marketing for Children? Kids are one important demographic part of the society to marketer, they have power about purchases. This is a potential market, Industry spending on advertising to children has experimented an increase the last decade from $100 million in 1990 to more than $2 billion in 2000 [1], and last dates about this market has gotten $86, 5 billion in 2009[2]. This marketing is special because his target, children, is vulnerable of manipulation of companies. They are persuaded of becoming as consumer and this type style life by advertising companies and get it through influence of their arenas.

Average Income and Spending for Children aged 7-12 yr * urban areas only # including special income Source: Laurie Klein, 'More than play dough', Brandywine, Volvo. 38 (24 November 1997) This graph shows average income and spending for children aged seven to twelve years old. In general every kid of world have a regular income and the majority more than $20 per month and there are higher annual income in worldwide, but is significant every country spend more than saving, except in Asian country like a China or Japan.

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That is once piece of evidence of the potential in the market for hillier. 1. 1 Beginning by explained the concept of "marketing to children". Marketing, is business activity that studied the manner introduce new opportunities in the market or improve in it. It is a business tools for the companies which try to news opportunities in the market. There are four characteristics of the marketing: Price 0 is the value of product, can be affect of the kind of target the companies want to seek, and is a quality indicator of the product.

Product can be a service or product somebody is trying to sell. Place 0 Location and timing of marketing. For example, advertising of games for children should be in the afternoon of Christmas. Promotion 0 Showing the products to people and increasing the sale. The target, who is the consumer of this type of marketing, is children. They are one special part of the society; they can be categorized in age group, until 14 years old. This group of people is special because they should be protected by law from manipulation, pornography and swindling.

These consumers can be segmented according into two groups to how they become part of the consumer market: 1. 2 Age: following the reports McNealy (1992) show the stages in the evolution of child nonuser, it could be separated for age of the behavior following 1. 2. 1 Until six moths old, they can sit erect and observe behaviors of the parents when they go to shopping in the world of the brands. 1. 2. 2 From six month to two years old, they can identify his necessities about brands and make connection with television advertising and products in the store.

During this time of their life get theirs wishes through nagging, screaming, crying, persuading of their parents. 1. 2. 3 From two to four years old, they are capable of recognize the advertising brands, identify advertising and store and making their choices. . 2. 4 From four to eight years old, they accompanying at their parents but they make independent purchases and they learn to pay their purchases. 1. 2. 5 From nine to fourteen years old, they are able to go store alone and make independent purchases.

Behavior for getting their wishes: is defined of the "pester power" of kids to refer to children's ability to nag their parents into purchasing item they may not otherwise buy. According to 2001 marketing industry book kid flounce, nagging can be divided in two categories: 1. 2. 6 Persistence nagging: when the kid through nagging and repeat again their what ever they want. . 2. 7 Importance nagging: this last method is more effective, when parents don't have time to spend with the children and they satisfy any desire with nagging for it. 2.

How Forms of Marketing There are two types of centralization by advertising or promotion, but it can be found in the same media both forms of marketing. For example by internet there are advertising of the products in every websites of fast food, games, mobile phone, network or club social, and promotions of the similar things. In the first group, advertising can be divided in magazines, newspaper, television, shops and internet. But the main media where children have more influence is television. Children spend 5000 hours watching television [5], more time than they spend in the school.

And in Australia, one of four home children has their own television sets, and they spend an average of a quarter of their time in front of the screen. Majority of advertising children use cartoon characters or a celebrities announce merchandising of products, for example Disney Corporation do with cartoon character (Mackey Mouse) in advertising of Disney Land. Secondly, promotion is manner of interacting with children which offer stimulate, like enjoy with free games or sweets, etc, and child has positive image of brand and start to develop wishes of products.

There are different promotions like free products; sales promotion, direct coupons, free gifts and samples, or using a celebrity for promotes any product. Marketing to children exist some problems in individual, which include obesity, addict oneself to games and materialism. 3. 1. 1 Obesity Obesity is a major problem in Australia, which is concerned about the expanding obesity and overweight, which is the children obesity rates recorded from 1985 and 1995 (Cancer Council Australia the least national date).