Marketing environment defined as those condition and influences impinging or potentially impinging on marketing or anything that has an impact on what marketers do. Why pay attention? The world is changing constantly, if marketers don't understand changes, they may be threatened. By consistently monitoring the environment, marketers can plan effectively and plan. There organization ready to face change. Other definition; Actors and forces outside of marketing that affect marketing management ability to develop and maintain successful transactions with its target customers.

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Broken down into two components:

  • Micromanagement (close to the organization)
  • Macro environment (more distant)

Evans article (various components of marketing environment). Search for diagram.

(The organization area in circle). Decision about product (price, product and promotion)

Micro-environment (market and competitive environment)

Macro-environment (External forces outside organization; affect organization - economic forces, legal and political issues, social environment, technological environment)

Marketing about relationship between organization values of customers.

  • All environment impact that can affect the organization to deliver value to customers.