Integrated Advertising, Promotion, and Marketing Communications, e (Slow/Aback) Chapter 1 Integrated Marketing Communications 1) Communication is defined as transmitting, receiving, and processing information. Answer: TRUE Dif 1 Question Tag: Definition (Concept) CABS Categories: CABS: Communication abilities Objective: 1-1 2) When an advertising creative takes an idea and transforms it into an ad, the process is known as decoding in a communications model. Answer: FALSE Dif. 3) The process of creating television commercials, print ads, and retail coupons are examples of encoding. Answer: TRUE ) Televisions carrying advertisements and billboards that are available for new ads are examples of senders in the communication process. Answer: FALSE 5) When a customer smells a perfume sample in a magazine while reading an ad, decoding is taking place. Answer: TRUE Dif. 3 Question Tag: Application 6) Typically, advertising messages are decoded in the same way by large numbers of consumers because of the standard nature of the decoding process.

Answer: FALSE Question Tag: Critical Thinking 7) Noise is anything that distorts or disrupts a message and can occur at any stage in the communication process. Answer: TRUE Dif: 1 8) The large number of marketing messages consumers are exposed to daily is an example of noise and is also called clutter. Answer: TRUE 9) An integrated marketing communications program should be viewed as an overall organizational process rather than a marketing plan or marketing function.

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Answer: TRUE Objective: 1-2 10) In addition to the traditional elements of advertising, sales promotions, and personal selling-?promotions now also includes activities such as database marketing, direct marketing, sponsorship marketing, Internet marketing, guerrilla marketing, and alternative marketing. Answer: TRUE 1 1) Traditionally, the marketing mix consisted of advertising, sales promotions, and personal selling. Answer: TRUE 12) The push for accountability is being driven by chief executive officers, brand managers, creative, and account managers.

Answer: FALSE Objective: 1-3 13) A brand manager is the individual who oversees a line of products on behalf of an advertising agency. Answer: FALSE 14) The people who develop advertisements and promotional campaigns are called creative. Answer: TRUE 1 5) Brand managers, creative, and account executives all have new tasks associated tit creating strategies to send an integrated message in today's marketing environment. Answer: TRUE 16) Coca-Cola's consistent use of the same logo, theme, and colors on packages and in advertisements is an example of an integrated marketing communications approach.

Answer: TRUE CABS Categories: CABS: Reflective thinking skills 17) The account planner works for the client and provides to the agency an understanding of the customer's viewpoint and is involved in the development of advertising campaigns. Answer: FALSE 18) A force that impacts the field of marketing communication is the emergence of alternative media. Answer: TRUE 19) Retailers often maintain channel power by controlling shelf space and purchase data. Answer: TRUE Objective: 1-4 20) The advancement of the World Wide Web and information technology has caused some channel power shift to consumers.

Answer: TRUE CABS Categories: CABS: Use of information technology 21) Susan researched the Internet for information about the best brands of stereos. She has also visited Best Buy. This is an example of a shift in power to the retailer. Answer: FALSE 22) One new marketing challenge is that consumers can now purchase goods and revise from anywhere in the world, which increases competitive forces. Answer: 23) Brand parity is the belief that multiple brands consist of or offer the same set of attributes and benefits and are of equal quality.

Answer: TRUE 24) In the past, Bruce bought Kleenex brand tissues, but he has now decided that all tissue brands are pretty much the same. This is an example of brand parity. Answer: 25) A contact point is any point where consumers interact with a company or acquire information about a company. Answer: TRUE 26) Television is becoming a more effective mass media outlet for advertising cause so many more people own TV sets and have access to cable as well as satellite.

Answer: FALSE 27) Trade promotions include contests, incentives, vendor support programs, and other fees and discounts that help the manufacture push the product through the channel. Answer: TRUE Objective: 1-5 28) Adaptation in a global advertising campaign means rewriting an advertisement to fit the nuances off given language and culture. Answer: TRUE Objective: 1-6 29) Standardization would be an effective GIMP tactic in the Middle East because of the variety of religions and cultures.

Answer: FALSE 30) The GIMP approach is easier to apply when a company relies on the adaptation strategy for its global expansion. Answer: FALSE 31) Marketing account executives are facing increasing pressures related to: A) accountability B) affordability C) accessibility D) applicability Answer: A 32) An advertising agency is told by the client that an advertising campaign should result in a 20% increase in sales. This is an example of: A) marketing myopia B) standardization C) adaptation D) accountability Answer: D 33) An account executive's duties include: A) preparing a database

B) development of an overall strategic communication plan C) preparing the actual advertisements D) product development and applications Answer: B 34) The individual who is responsible for a specific brand or line of products is the: A) agency account executive B) brand manager C) media buyer D) media planner 35) Of the following, the individual that works for the company that produces the product is a(n): A) agency account executive 36) The individual in charge of Tide, Bold, and Cheer laundry detergents at Procter & Gamble would be the: A) agency account executive 7) The individuals who develop the actual advertisements for promotional campaigns are called: A) account executives B) brand managers C) creative D) receivers Answer: C 38) A creative main responsibility is to: A) represent the customer's voice with an advertising agency B) evaluate the marketing plan C) develop advertisements and campaigns D) receive marketing messages from various sources 39) Marlene Just developed a new slogan to use in a company's advertising. Her main job is to think up these ideas and put them into the company's advertising plan. Marlene is a(n): A) account manager C) creative D) media manager 40) In terms of a communications model, the sender is: A) the company seeking to sell a product B) a television set C) the consumer viewing an ad on the Internet D) a consumer ignoring an ad in a newspaper 41) When Sean shops for an automobile, which are the senders in the communication process?

A) Honda and Toyota B) NBC and SPAN C) The New York Times and the Chicago Sun Times D) The Internet and the Web 42) In terms of the communication process, a creative preparing an ad is most likely going to be involved in: A) encoding B) transmission C) decoding D) noise or clutter 3) In terms of communication, encoding is: A) a sales pitch recited by a salesperson B) the database manager finding a statistical oddity C) a chat room on the Internet D) a purchase decision by a consumer 44) In the communication process, the items that carry the message from the sender to the receiver are: A) encoding processes B) decoding processes C) transmission devices D) feedback devices 45) A consumer sees a billboard while driving.

The billboard is a: A) creative B) decoding device C) transmission device D) form of feedback 46) When a message is being heard or seen by a consumer, what is taking place? A) encoding D) feedback 47) A person smells the fragrance of a perfume attached to a magazine advertisement. What is taking place? A) encoding 48) The person reading a magazine advertisement plays which role in the communications model? A) sender B) decoder C) receiver D) object 49) Soda's marketing team identifies a group of people who are most likely to use the company's new digital photo technology and creates advertisements specifically for them. In a communication model, these individuals are: A) senders B) decoders C) receivers D) subjects 50) Nets is:

A) anything which carries a message from a sender to a receiver B) changing a message to match the specific needs of a target audience C) a verbal or nonverbal cue delivered by the sender D) anything that distorts or disrupts a message 51) Michelle is watching a television commercial for a new car but a stereo is playing in the room next door making it difficult to concentrate, which is an example of: A) feedback disruption B) noise C) encoding design D) a contact point 52) The key to using social media successfully is: A) making it compatible with the off-line marketing program B) identifying the heavy users of the product C) finding the right Faceable fans D) using both Faceable and Twitter in an integrated manner 53) While browsing the Internet, a consumer encounters a new pop-up ad every time a new page is opened. This is an example of: A) advertising effectiveness B) perceptual distortion C) clutter D) brand parity 54) All of the following are examples of communication noise except: A) driving while listening to the radio B) scanning the newspaper for articles to read C) scrolling past Internet ads without looking at them D) examining an advertisement in a magazine